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CAES Web Team

The CAES Web Team was formed in the late 90's to coordinate production and provide infrastructure support for the college's overarching, multi-disciplinary Web initiatives.

In 2005, the CAES Web Team put forth the vision that it continues to share for the college's overall Web presence:

"The World Wide Web presence of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences will be wholly demonstrative of unity, accessibility, objectivity, dependability and professionalism. Our college will increasingly rely upon the World Wide Web as an invaluable conduit for the focused dissemination of both raw information and expert knowledge to our diverse clientele base as well as to our many vested stakeholders."

The CAES Web Team has worked to put the foundational pieces in place for achieving this vision. Strategic activities have included the development of standardized templates, adoption of a common Web content management platform, delivery of a structured training program and establishment of the CAES Datacenter for hosting and securing Web content.

To date, the strategies employed have been successful in unifying the college's Web presence and, not unexpectedly, dramatically increasing the visibility and usage of the college's online resources.

Team Members

Allen, David (706) 542-4909
Bell, Joshua (706) 542-3465
Benson, Gabe (706) 542-2956
French, John (706) 542-0811
Greenland, Michael (770) 904-9024 *
Paine, Josh (706) 542-3208
Thrift, Robert (706) 583-0091
Tucker, Cindy (229) 386-3349
Vellidis, Tracey (229) 386-3382
Whetstone, Ben (706) 542-9018
Williams, Diana (706) 542-2829

* Video Relay Service