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Publications updates

June 2014

The UGA Extension publications office has been busy rolling out the new print on demand system. To learn more about the publications catalog at visit Print on Demand system through Office Max Workplace. An archived training is now available at, and it's not too late to register for an account.

Please be patient if you are having a hard time finding a specific publication on POD. It may be best to search the Extension publications site first, locate the pub number, and then search the Office Max catalog using only the number. I apologize that the Family and Consumer Sciences pubs are not well organized, but this should be improved as we continue to work on the merge. As we update pubs and get them added online, we'll also get them added to the system with better descriptions.

As a reminder, we also have a new publications website. Make sure you've updated your links and bookmarks:

We've recently incorporated the old FCS publications site into the search results. Now you can quickly access both FCS and ANR pubs by searching in one place, regardless if the publication is in our database.