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Publications updates

August 2014

This month I am pleased to announce that the Office of Communications and Creative Services has hired an editor and a designer, which redistributes the workload previously juggled by Amanda Swennes. This means great things for UGA Extension publications!

Effective immediately, I will be the sole manager of numbered publications. I will remain the main contact for both ANR and FCS authors, county agents, and others that have questions regarding publications and their status. I will make sure publications stay current and work with authors to edit and add new publications to our database. In this role, I hope to eventually work with UGA libraries to maintain an online library of historic and archived publications. Before that can happen, we will need to finish merging FCS publications into the ANR database, which unfortunately has been stalled these past few months.

In order to make this possible, we have added Megan McCoy to the publications office. She will be working on the design and layout of publications. This means authors now have access to a dedicated designer and illustrator at no cost. If you are interested in adding illustrations to your numbered publication, simply let me know what you have in mind when submitting your manuscript.

The publications office will also be making use of the new Southscapes/news editor, Kathryn Schiliro. She has agreed to edit the final proof of a publication, so that we have two editors reviewing everything that comes out of our office.

These new additions will ensure great quality publications are produced by UGA Extension. I am very excited to be able to make our numbered publications library the best it can be.

We have received many new manuscripts since Amanda left, and I have not had time to start working on them until recently. Authors, please continue to be patient. I think you’ll find it will be worth the wait. By the end of September, everything should be running smoothly again.