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CAES Business Office

Accountability & Reporting

Accountability and Reporting are functions of the CAES Business Office.

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In CAES Accountability, we compile information for federal, state, university, and other plans of work and accountability reports.  We provide assistance and training in general reporting and data management for CAES databases, such as the CAES Directory, GaCounts, and ETS.  We also support the UGA Elements faculty activity reporting database and coordinate Hatch and Regional projects (REEport).

UGA Elements Reporting System:

UGA Faculty Reporting (FAR) System ended in June 2015. It was replaced by the new
Elements Reporting System .  All departmental and unit faculty will be required to use this new system, except Extension district faculty.

For more information regarding accountability, contact:

Sunshine Jordan
Accountability & Operations Analyst
Phone: 706-542-8837
Fax: 706-583-0183



In CAES Reporting, we provide comprehensive reporting in all major functions of CAES to facilitate informed decisions. We create customized reports to fulfill the needs of higher administration. We aid in the development of fiscal year budgets. We create and maintain human resources reports, including retired employees. We work with account reconciliation for departments within the college.


For more information regarding reporting, contact:

Alec Shepherd

CAES Business Analyst
Phone: 706-542-9005
Fax: 706-542-2378