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Responsible Conduct of Research(RCR)

USDA: “By accepting a NIFA award the grantee assures that program directors, faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and any staff participating in the research project receive appropriate training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research.”

Applies to: All Principal Investigators, faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and staff who are paid directly from a NIFA, NSF & NIH grant.

For the training record portal go to

Concur and Travel Inc

Concur is a hosted web-based system for booking travel arrangements. Go to login

Travel Incorporated (Travel Inc) is the State’s contracted travel agency. Reservations completed inside the Concur system are fulfilled by Travel Inc

Business Process Improvements for Memberships/Dues Check Request Processing

The Accounts Payable Department has identified a business process change for processing payments on Memberships and Dues. Please view revised Memberships and Dues policy.

Business Process Improvements for
Group Travel Processing

To reduce the administrative processing on group travel, it will no longer be necessary to submit the Direct Billing Authorization Form to Accounts Payable prior to having travel expenditures direct billed to UGA. Please view revised Group Travel policy.

Questions for both can be directed to Jennifer Collins ( or Andre Simmons ( or by calling (706) 542-2786.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates Now Available Online

University of Georgia sales tax exemption certificates are now available online at Departments no longer need to request a certificate from or from Procurement. This change provides campus with immediate access to a document commonly needed for purchases.

The sales tax exemption certificate is only applicable for goods delivered to or provided in the state of Georgia. If you have questions about providing a sales tax exemption certificate to an external party, please email for assistance.

Travel Policy Changes Effective July 1, 2014

The University’s travel policy was recently modified to provide more flexibility for certain types of travel expenses. View the revised Travel policy.

See sections:
Section Lodging & Section Additional Provisions

New procedures for hosting a visiting researcher/scholar effective May 1, 2014

The new procedures will start with the faculty sponsor and/or sponsoring unit completing a VRS questionnaire and will include obtaining a Visitor Agreement signed by the VRS as well as an onboarding process. The full procedure can be found on the OVPR VRS webpage.

Questions about hosting a VRS can be directed to

Budget Transactions for Remainder of FY14 (DEADLINE: MARCH 7, 2014)

As we approach the end of another fiscal year, it is necessary to project expenditures for the remaining months of FY14 for your general funds accounts. Budget amendments must be in the CAES Business Office no later than March 7, 2014 to reflect the total projected budget for the current fiscal year. All departments should be sure to budget funds in the proper category of expenditures, personal services vs. non-personal services, through June 30, 2014. This deadline does not pertain to routine budget transactions that do not involve object transfers from personal services to non-personal services or vice versa.

Also, please review and project any decreases or increases in revenues, via departmental sales, rental income, residual conference income, master agreements, or other sources, and prepare budget amendments to reflect the projected revenue through June 30, 2014. For any accounts not processed by a department/unit accountant, this information should be sent to the CAES Business Office so that we can assist you.

If you have questions, please contact Lindsey Barner at 706-542-9007 or or Allison Parr at 706-542-8998 or


Retire/Rehires for FY 2015

All Retire/ Rehire forms for staff and faculty that will be hired and working July 1, 2014 need to be in the CAES Business Office by April 1, 2014 to ensure that all approvals will be obtained by July 1. A retire/ rehire cannot start working until approved all the way through the system.

Below are the forms that are needed:

Rehire Faculty Retiree
Rehire Staff Retiree

Once these forms are completed, please send them to Karen Kelley for further approvals. If you have any further questions please email Karen Kelley at


Electronic Transcripts for Faculty Appointment Packages

Office of Faculty Affairs has advised they have received word from SACS that the email transmitting the link to the electronic transcript must come directly to Jayne L. Smith at from the institution for validation (it cannot be forwarded to her by someone else). She must print the transmittal email with the transcript to confirm that it was sent directly to her by the awarding institution.


Change in State Mileage Reimbursement Rate

The University has been informed by the State Accounting Office that the mileage reimbursement rate for travel by state-owned or personal vehicles has been updated. The following reimbursement rates are effective for travel on or after January 1, 2014:

When it is determined that a personal vehicle is the most advantageous form of travel, the employee will be reimbursed for business miles traveled at $0.56 per mile (previously was $0.565 per mile).

If a personal motor vehicle is not determined to be the most advantageous form of travel, but it is used, the employee will be reimbursed for business miles traveled at $0.235 per mile (previously was $0.24 per mile).

The travel expense statement has been modified to reflect these changes. The form is available at the travel expense login. The UGA travel policy has also been updated.

Questions should be directed to Jennifer Collins via email at


Security & Immigration Compliance Act (E-Verify)

Vendors who provide services greater than $2,499.99 are required by state law to complete an E-Verify affidavit, before the services are procured.

To understand the UGA policies and procedures changes which become effective on September 16,2013, please refer to the Security and Immigration Compliance Act (E-Verify) information page.

Check Request policies and procedures will be revised to lower the limit on purchases “physical performance of services” based purchases to $2,499.99. Please see the list of common purchases that have been classified as services which may assist campus users in understanding the purchases that may require vendors to submit an E-Verify affidavit. Please note that this list is not all inclusive. If you have questions as to whether the E-Verify requirements apply to a purchase not on the list, please contact one of the buyers in UGA Procurement.


New Travel Regulations Effective on July 1, 2013

On June 12, 2013, the State Accounting Office announced a new statewide travel policy, which becomes effective July 1, 2013.  The Board of Regents has advised all USG institutions to implement the changes outlined below.  Please note that these regulations should be adhered to by both employees and non-employees seeking reimbursement from the University.   Accounts Payable has published the new travel policy and the travel expense statement has been modified for travel occurring on or after July 1, 2013.

The changes are outlined below:

  • For non-overnight trips in Georgia, travelers will receive 100% of the allowable per diem if the travel is more than 50 miles from home and headquarters and the traveler is away for more than 12 hours.  Previously, travelers were only allowed to claim 75% of the instate meal per diem when there was no overnight lodging.  Trips that include overnight lodging will still be reimbursed at 75% on the days of departure and return. 
  • The General Services Administration (GSA) per diems located at will continue to be used for travel outside the state of Georgia. The incidental expenses amount included in the GSA per diem rates will not be included in the reimbursement for domestic travel.   Previously, incidental expenses were included.  Incidental expenses are now reimbursed separately at actual costs and include:  fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, bellhops, hotel housekeeping, stewards or stewardesses, and hotel staff.  For international travel, incidental expenses are still included in the per diem rate and should be reflected on the travel expense statement in the column titled, “Incidental Expenses-International Travel Only”.
  • When a meal (ex. Conference meal) is provided on the day of departure or day of return during overnight travel, the full meal per diem reimbursement rate is now reduced by the amount of the provided meal(s) before the 75% proration.  For example, if an employee travels to Atlanta for a 3 day conference and is provided a lunch meal by the conference on his day of departure, per diem would be calculated at $20.25 ($36 per diem for travel to high cost area - $9 for lunch meal = $27 then apply 75% proration and the total would be $20.25) Previously, the full amount of the meal was deducted after the 75% proration had been applied to the daily rate. 
  • Clayton, Coweta, Fayette, and Gwinnett counties are no longer included as high cost travel areas.  The meal per diem rate for these areas is the regular Georgia rate of $28 a day. 
  • The Certification of Exemption of Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax form has been updated to assist travelers in gaining compliance with this law.  The new form is located at

Several resources will be available to assist you with the implementation of these statewide travel policy changes. 

  • 2)      Travel Expense Statement-The travel expense statement has been modified for travel occurring on or after July 1, 2013.

UGA Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan

In an effort to provide the best possible mandatory student health insurance while keeping the rates affordable and staying within the federally mandated Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) guidelines, the University of Georgia’s mandatory student health insurance plan is becoming part of the University System of Georgia’s student health insurance program. United Healthcare Student Resources will be the vendor for the UGA mandatory student health insurance plan for the 2013-2014 academic year.  

#1-Some students mandated to participate
Certain groups of students at UGA are mandated to be covered under the mandatory student health insurance plan. The mandated groups of students are graduate students with qualified graduate assistantships, fellowships, or training grants; international students with a J or F visas; and Doctor of Pharmacy students. These students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory plan. A student can elect to opt-out of the mandatory plan if he/she has other acceptable health insurance coverage by submitting a waiver request during the enrollment/waiver period.  The mandatory plan enrollment/waiver period is July 22 – August 30, 2013.  

#2-UGA HR will send a student eligibility file to the vendor
The university must provide an eligibility file of mandated students to United Healthcare. The initial eligibility file will be sent to United Healthcare before the start of the enrollment/waiver period. Additional files will be sent through the enrollment/waiver period to update United Healthcare’s record of eligible-mandated students. 

#3-Students must be enrolled to obtain coverage

  • In order for a student to be included on the eligibility file, the student must be enrolled in classes for fall semester. 
  • Also, if the student has a graduate assistantship, the student must be set up on payroll for fall semester.
  • A student must be on the eligibility file in order to submit a waiver request or to complete his/her enrollment to receive an insurance card. 
  • In order for students to waive coverage or to have access to the insurance to which they are entitled, departments should submit all necessary paperwork and personnel reports for graduate assistants as soon as possible.

Information currently available about the mandatory student health insurance plan is on the Human Resources website at

Premium information
Premiums for the mandatory student health insurance plan are based on the age of the covered student.  Two age categories exist for the mandatory plan: (a) Age 26 and Under and (b) Age 27 and Older.  Premiums, along with the UGA contribution amount can be found at

  • Undergraduate international students, international graduate students who do not have a graduate assistantship and Doctor of Pharmacy students will have the full premium charged their student accounts.  The charge for student health insurance will be assessed to student accounts after July 1, 2013 for mandated students enrolled in fall semester classes.
  • Graduate students with a qualified graduate assistantship, fellowship or training grant will pay for the insurance through payroll deductions.  These students are eligible for the UGA contribution towards the premium.  Graduate assistants will pay the premium through three payroll deductions. These deductions typically come out of the September, October and November paychecks for fall semester coverage.

We will communicate with you again as more details are finalized. Questions concerning student health insurance should be directed to Human Resources at 706-542-2222 or


Facilities and Administrative Cost Rates

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), acting as the cognizant federal agency under the authority of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21 has, by negotiated agreement, established new Facilities and Administrative Cost rates for proposals and awards made through the University of Georgia and the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. The rates are available online at: The rates are “pre-determined” and applicable to the areas and locations indicated. The base for application of the rate is Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC) consisting of salaries and wages, fringe benefits, materials and supplies, services, travel, equipment up to the threshold of $5,000.00 per item and subcontracts or sub-awards up to $25,000.00 each (regardless of the period covered by the sub-award).

These newly negotiated rates are effective July 1, 2013, and should be used in lieu of the rates identified on the DHHS rate agreement dated December 23, 2008 and the memorandum distributed to campus dated January 30, 2009. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Chad Cleveland, Associate Controller at or 706-542-1197.


UGAmart Announcement: Changes to Payment Information

Beginning Tuesday, April 23, 2013, invoices processed for payment by Accounts Payable will be updated to include the check number and check date (record date) in the “Payment Information” box on the invoice within UGAMart. To access payment information, UGAMart users should log into UGAMart and search for the applicable purchase order. Once the purchase order displays, click on the “Invoices” tab. Select the applicable invoice. Once the invoice information displays, campus users will be able to scroll to the box labeled “Payment Information” to view the check number and date.

Questions can be directed to Jennifer Collins at or David Manley at