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IMS Helpful Hints

Budget Amendment

The UGA IMS Budget System allows authorized University employees read only access to their departmental budgets. Screens are available for viewing personal services positions, total budget and expenditures by 17-digit account number, and employee personnel report and budget amendment documents.

Instructions and information for preparing budget amendments and employee personnel reports can be found at .


Financial Accounting

The UGA Financial Accounting system is updated nightly with transactions processed through the close of business on the previous day. Certain intra-University billings, however, such as Central Operating Supply and telephone charges, are updated only on a monthly basis. Departments may access the system by using the 12-digit account number or by other references such as purchase request number, as long as that purchase request number is applicable to a 12-digit account number for which the unit has authorized access.

For other information about the Accounting department, please visit their Web site.


Printing Account Status Reports

In order to print the Account Status Report you must have listed your printer node name, or in the case of TCP/IP, the printer node nickname on your Request for Access to the Financial Accounting System. If you did, then when the Campus User Transaction Identifiers & Keys chart comes up, you will see AS Account Status Report at top of list. Contact your OIT representative if you need your printer name to fill out forms or you need this access.

From the Financial & Student Information Systems Menu, place your cursor next to Financial Accounting and hit enter. The Secondary Option Selection page will come up:

  • Place AS next to Select:
  • Place 12-digit account number next to Key:
  • Enter
  • From Account Status Screen fill in the following:
  • Period: 4-digit Year/Month
  • Printer: Node Name
  • Class: A
  • Enter