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What is Campus Wide Access (CWA) to the University administrative systems developed for the VP for Finance and Administration and the VP for Student Affairs?

IMS (Information Management System), QMF (Query Management Facility) and ARROW (Administrative Report Retrieval Over the Web), are used to display or retrieve data.

System access is coordinated through data custodians, individuals who represent each of the administrative areas being accessed. Secure access to this data is maintained through client education, data custodian procedures and user identification (UserID) controls.

Access to these administrative data systems is granted on a "need to know" basis related to an employee's responsibilities within his/her department at the University. Termination from the University results in deletion of that access. Transfer between departments includes deletion of an employee's data access for the old department and creation of access to accommodate the responsibilities being assumed in the new department.


Used to request reimbursement of cash expenditures or to request payment for commitments made directly by UGA departments on a charge basis.  Check requests are often used to pay for utility bills, repairs, and payments of honorarias.  Check requests are processed to cover charges/services that have already been rendered.  See Finance & Administration : Check Requests.

E-Travel is used to submit a travel authority when traveling outside of the state of Georgia prior to the traveler’s departure and for payments of that  travel

Anyone with a MyID can create a request.

There are approvers set up based on department number.



Purchasing system to encumber funds for charges/services or items that have not already been received.  See  and

Anyone with a MyID can create a request.

Only Requisitioner can add account numbers but they can add any accounts used at the University.

There are requisitioners and approvers set up based on department number.



Used by University departments to buy and sell goods or services from other University departments, the transaction is recorded and processed on an intra-university ticket.  Instruction can be found at

Anyone with a MyID can create a request.

There are no approvers set up because you choose an approver based on their MYID or complete email address.



The Electronic Personnel Activity Reporting system is provided for the employees of the university to view and maintain their monthly percentage distribution of activity expended by account.  See Personnel Activity Reports (PARs)

Users access the system with their MyID.

The certifier must be either the employee or a responsible official having first-hand knowledge of the work performed.

Each department is set up with a home departmental administrator.



Faculty Information Records System is used for approval of Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistant appointments.

Each department has an initiator and department head approver.

Access to this system from outside the Athens campus will require the use of the UGA Athens campus VPN service.  For more information see:



The UGA eLeave System is provided for the departmental HR/Payroll representatives across the university to access and/or update information related to their employees leave

This system will only allow entry of leave taken for Monthly and Academic employees.

This system must be used to make leave adjustments and run official leave reports for ALL employees.

The UGA MyTime (Kronos) system must be used to enter leave taken for Salaried and Hourly employees.

Users access the system with their MYID.


MyTime (Kronos)

New electronic time and attendance system for hourly and salary bi-weekly employees

Users access the system with their MyID.

Unit Supervisors, Unit Payroll and Unit Approvers are set up based on department.



BA/Personnel System: Create and/or approve Personnel and budget amendment documents. This includes Credential review for graduate teaching and lab assistants. Requires Budget access.

Departmental Accounting: View accounting, salary, and budget data; create pending transactions; assign transactions to subaccounts and cost centers; generate account status reports. Requires Financial Accounting and Budget access.

Payroll Reports: View and print listings of employee amounts or hours to be paid for Summer School, Hourly, and Salaried Biweekly Payroll( for MyTime) and  Authorizations for Academic, Monthly, Accrued Leave, and Athletic payroll.  Requires Payroll QMF access.

Access to these systems from outside the Athens campus will require the use of the UGA Athens campus VPN service.  For more information see: