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Research on Local Markets

In a study of the “Grown in Georgia” marketing campaign in 2001, 43% of shoppers indicated they would be willing to switch supermarkets to be able to purchase Georgia-grown fresh produce. Research results such as this can provide a valuable tool for assessing consumer preferences, identifying emerging market trends, and helping farmers and businesses make good economic choices. Contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture to find out how to use the Georgia Grown label.

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The Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development has produced a number of studies that address local foods markets and sustainable agriculture.

An Evaluation of the “Grown in Georgia” Promotion
How to more Effectively Promote Fresh Produce in Georgia and Nationally
Road Side Stand Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables
Locally Grown Cut Flowers Market Analysis for Southern Georgia

Market Analysis of Traditional, Grass Fed & Organic Milk in Selected Markets
Cattle Producer Interest on Growing Grass Fed Beef
A Directory of Meat Harvesting and Processing Facilities for Georgia Livestock Producers

Georgia’s Farmers Markets

If you are interested in seeing specific research in local markets and sustainable agriculture, contact Kent Wolfe or Tommie Shephard at the Center for Agribusiness at

Kent Wolfe
Public Service Associate

Tommie Shepherd
Agribusiness Economist

For information on starting a food business, contact
Sharon Kane
Food Business Development Specialist