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Management-Intensive Grazing

Forage Allotment

The key to the design of a MIG system is determining the amount of forage that must be made available to the grazing animal. This is derived from the daily forage requirement for the chosen animal class and the efficiency of the grazing system. However, allowing a ration of the determined forage need may not be sufficient to meet the full nutritional needs of the animal. It is often necessary to provide the grazing animal supplemental nutrition.

Daily Forage Requirement

On any given day, grazing animals will consume a certain amount of dry matter (DM). The easiest way to visualize and calculate this amount is as a percentage of their body weight. Read more...

Grazing Efficiency

Not all forage that is produced will make it into the animal.  All forage harvesting systems, including the most intensive MIG system or the most expensive mechanized harvest system, will have some amount of inefficiency or waste.  Read more...

Supplementing the Grazing Animal

Many of our most common forage species are just not quite high enough in quality to meet the nutritional demands of our most productive animal classes (e.g., lactating dairy cows, finisher cattle, replacement heifers, etc. ). Read more...