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Conservation Tillage: Cover Crops


MilletMillet comes in several forms for cover cropping. German millet, or foxtail, is an annual warm season grass that grows 2-4 feet tall. It matures quickly and doesn't need much water, but will not withstand drought well. It needs a fine, firm seedbed to germinate properly.

Pearl millet is an annual summer bunchgrass that grows 4-10 feet tall. It does well in sandy or infertile soils. It is a good weed suppressor, and hardier than its cousins, the German and Japanese millet.

Japanese millet is an annual summer grass that grows 2-4 feet tall, like its cousin, German millet. It grows rapidly, developing a mature seed within as little as 45 days. Japanese millet can be used as a late-season green forage if necessary.

Seed 48-96 lb/A. Mid-September to early October.

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