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Spring 2008, Volume 4, Issue 1

On the Cover:
The Face of Georgia's Drought

Many in Georgia will remember the fall of 2007 as the time when outdoor spigots in 61 counties in north Georgia were turned off due to drought. The current drought actually started 18 months earlier when the weather wouldn't cooperate. In the time since then, David Stooksbury has gone from being Georgia's state climatologist to something more — the face of Georgia's drought.

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Editor   Anne Young
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Copy Editors   Brad Haire, Sharon Omahen, Faith Peppers
Graphic Designer   Cindy Allen
  Allie Byrd, Brad Haire, Sharon Omahen, Faith Peppers, Kristen Plank, Stephanie Shupska
  John Amis, John Bazemore, Stanley Culpepper, Brad Haire, Knoef Brothers, Joe Laforest, Stanley Leary, Sharon Omahen, Chris Rank, Stephanie Shupska

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