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News: Southscapes Archive

Fall 2014, Volume 10, Issue 2

Southscapes Spring 2014

On the Cover:
Recipe for Success

Young alum patents safer flour

Deann Akins-Lewenthal's passion
leads to the development of
Ready-To-Eat Flour.

Read the cover story.

In this Issue of Southscapes — Fall 2014


  • Recipe for Success
    Through seven flour patents,
    young alum makes contribution
    to the future of food safety.



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About this Issue

Managing Editors   Amanda E. Swennes, Andrea Gonzalez
Designer/Illustrator   Katie Walker
Copy Editors   Sharon Dowdy, Kathryn Schiliro
Contributing Writers   April Bailey, Sharon Dowdy, Christy Fricks, Andrea Gonzalez, Merritt Melancon, Josh Paine, Faith Peppers, Angela Rowell, Kathryn Schiliro, Amanda E. Swennes, Clint Thompson, Norman Winter
Contributing Photographers   John Amis, Holly Brown, David Cappaert, Sharon Dowdy, Paul Efland, Dan Evans, Peter Frey, Kurtis Garbutt, Howard Hackney, Kelly Hysan, Ted Mayer, Merritt Melancon, Matt Miller, Stephen Morton, Robert Newcomb, Angela Rowell, Kathryn Schiliro, Cecilia Schubert, April Sorrow, Andrew Davis Tucker, Kai Wang, Nancy Whiddon, Norman Winter
Web Developer   Cindy Tucker

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J. Scott Angle   Dean and Director
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Robert Cooper   Director of External Relations
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Juli Fields   Director of Alumni Relations
Office of External Relations
Angela Rowell   Director
Office of Communications and Creative Services