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News: Southscapes Archive

Fall 2013, Volume 9, Issue 2

Southscapes Fall 2013

On the Cover:
Running the Rodeo

Students learn the ropes.

A second generation of CAES students learns the ropes to keep the annual Great Southland Stampede Rodeo going strong.

Read the cover story.

In this Issue of Southscapes — Fall 2013

About this Issue

Managing Editor   Amanda E. Swennes
Design Director   Cindy Allen
Assistant Editors   Sharon Dowdy, Andrea Gonzalez
Contributing Writers   Sharon Dowdy, Juli Fields, Andrea Gonzalez, Merritt Melancon, Amanda E. Swennes
Contributing Photographers   Sharon Dowdy, Richard Hamm, Merritt Melancon, Carolina Robinson, Clint Thompson
Web Developer   Cindy Tucker

Leadership and Guidance

J. Scott Angle   Dean and Director
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Robert Cooper   Director of External Relations
Office of External Relations
Juli Fields   Director of Alumni Relations
Office of External Relations
Angela Rowell   Director
Office of Communications and Creative Services