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Page Elements

Accessibility Options

At the top of every page are a set of tools to help you better access our information.

  • Accessibility Statement - This document reflects the commitment by CAES to adhere to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act by employing specific Web standards.
  • Large Text / Default - These links will toggle between an increased and default text size for all pages within
  • Text-Only Version - Utilizing university-supported LIFT technology, this link will create a text-only page for screen readers.


Header Information

The header graphic that appears on every Web page uses UGA-approved identity elements. The University of Georgia text graphic links to the UGA home page. The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences text graphic links to the CAES home page.


Global Navigation

The main college navigation is located in the black bar at the top of every page. Global navigational elements include:

  • Students - Information about the college's programs of study and other general information for students.
  • Alumni - This portal provides access to alumni related pages and giving.
  • Departments - Information about the college's departments.
  • Extension - Information about the college's Cooperative Extension programs and resources.
  • Research - Information about the college's research programs and projects.
  • Publications - Information about the college's extension and research publications.
  • Topics A-Z - Alphabetical listing of college Web information by topic.
  • Calendar - Searchable information about upcoming college events.
  • News - News stories that spotlight and disseminate the expertise and impact of the college's faculty and staff.

Local Navigation

Local navigation is located in the leftmost, gray column of every Web page. This navigation begins at all entry pages for main navigational elements and persists to the very last page in its structure.

For instance, when a user chooses About CAES, the local navigation will show CAES Home (where they've been, or one level above), About CAES (where they are), and expand to show the next sections of About CAES (where they can go, or one level below).

As a user delves deeper into a sub-section, the local navigation will collapse to show the most immediate choices at the level of the page selected.

The local navigation also indicates choice using subtle visual clues; upper level links are medium gray with a forward pointing arrow, and the page currently viewed is indicated with bold, black text. If a chosen page has sub-pages, the selection is marked with a downward facing arrow and all sub-pages are marked with bullets.


Essential Tools

Tools to find people, places, or pages are located on the bottom of each page directly above the footer information.

  • Find a Person - This tool accesses the personnel database, allowing a user to search for CAES personnel.
  • Find a Place - This tool assists in finding maps and directions to CAES locations throughout Georgia.
  • Search CAES - Using the Google search engine, the user can search all Web pages that reside on the college's Datacenter.

Footer Information

Footer information included at the bottom of every page provides the user with helpful links and information relevant to the timeliness and upkeep of the site.

  • UGA - Links to the University of Georgia's home page, reinforces identification with the university.
  • CAES - Links to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' home page, reinforces identification with the college.
  • About CAES - Information about the college's administration, organization, campuses, employment and other general information.
  • Feedback - A form that helps users convey comments, questions, or ideas about the site to the College Web Team.
  • Intranet - Links to the faculty and staff intranet that provides resources, tools and information for CAES employees.
  • About this Site - Includes instructions on how to use the site, use policy and other site relevant information.
  • Site Map - A tool that helps users navigate the site, whether they are new or experienced users.
  • Privacy Policy - The CAES privacy policy statement.