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Georgia Master Gardener
Agents & Coordinators


MGLOG is the official recordkeeping system for the UGA Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program.

Recordkeeping System Information

New Volunteer Forms

Transferring Volunteer Forms


Use the links below for resources for your local MGEV program. More detailed information may be found in the Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program Administrative Manual. If you are a new agent, please contact the SPO to receive additional resources and program updates.


The Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Badge is the identification symbol for a well-trained volunteer. The Master Gardener Badge is intended only to be worn by an active Master Gardener Extension Volunteer or Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Trainee acting in an Extension-approved volunteer capacity. One badge is included with the purchase of the Master Gardener Handbook for training program participants only.

MGLOG now handles the ordering process for MGEV name badges and service awards! These items can be ordered through MGLOG during April and September annually. From now on, when you order the initial MGEV name badge in MGLOG, that information is recorded in the MGEV’s profile. If a badge needs to be replaced for whatever reason, the “replacement Badge” option will be used. Likewise, as you order Service Awards for MGEVs, they will be recorded in MGLOG. This makes it easier the next ordering season to know who has already received the award and who is due their next one.

Badge Replacement
MGEV Replacement badges may be ordered through the County Extension Office. Cost is $7.00. Make checks payable to University of Georgia and include name, as it should be spelled on the badge, and the county where the volunteer is assigned.

Master Gardener Indoor/Outdoor Banner featuring the "Can you dig it?" tag line is now available for order from the Office of Communications and Creative Services in Athens. This durable vinyl banner includes six grommets for hanging. (30"H x 60"W) A pdf for printing at a local printer is available.


New brochures bearing the "Can you dig it?" tag line are available from Office of Communications and Creative Services in Athens.


Recognition certificates are presented to individuals who successfully complete the Master Gardener Training Program administered by UGA Cooperative Extension and fulfill a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service within the first year. Blank certificates are made available through the State Master Gardener Program office.


The Master Gardener Handbook, Seventh Edition is the official reference text produced by the University of Georgia and developed for Master Gardener training. The seventh edition, published in 2011, is currently available at $75 per copy (including tax and shipping). Handbooks for training programs are purchased only through the State MG Program office. For training program participants, handbook price includes badge and certificate.

Service Recognition

Recognition for years of service to the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer program is awarded in 5-year increments. Service recognition is provided in the form of certificates and specially designated name badge sleeves. Recognition sleeves are available in 5-year, 10-year/Lifetime, 15-year/Lifetime, and 20-year/Lifetime. Certificates are available for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 30-year recognitions. All Georgia MGEVs who have received recognition are still obligated to report 25 hours of service annually to keep active status. Agents can order recognition materials during the periods of September 1 - October 1 and March 1 - April 1, annually. There is no charge for these items at this time.

Georgia Master Gardener Reaching Out and logo are registered trademarks of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and may not be used except as authorized by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Cooperative Extension. Permission to use the Georgia Master Gardener Program logo is granted through the University of Georgia Division of External Affairs.

Master Gardener Day

Master Gardener Day in Georgia is traditionally held the third Saturday in March. Typical celebration activities include proclamations, plant clinics and other community education activities.

Volunteer Service Guidelines

The general mission of the Master Gardener Program in Georgia is to assist Cooperative Extension in providing unbiased information through volunteer service and educational projects. The volunteer requirements should reflect the mission, goals, and align with local Plan of Work activities. Qualifying Service Guidelines

Volunteer Service Recordkeeping

MGLOG is the official recordkeeping system for the UGA Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program. Final annual reports for 2016 hours will be due to the SPO by January 27, 2017.