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Georgia Master Gardener
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Master Gardener Volunteer Service

What counts...

As pre-approved by Cooperative Extension staff, the following can qualify as Master Gardener Volunteer service:

i. Educational Project Examples

  • Children’s Programs: for ages 0 to 18 at 4-H clubs, libraries, schools, and gardens

  • Civic & Garden Club Presentations: speaking engagements, lectures, demonstrations

  • Community & Demonstration Gardens: plan/maintain historic projects, conduct educational tours

  • Horticultural Shows: judge or conduct vegetable, flower, science fairs

  • Exhibits: prepare/present horticultural/ environmental topics, slide show presentations

  • Extension Office: answer phone questions, perform general office duties, assist walk-in clients, Habitat for Humanity: teach skills in gardening, landscaping, composting

  • Home Garden Visits: educate homeowners per site visits or phone consultations

  • Newsletters: write/research/edit for homeowner newsletters or Master Gardener Extension Volunteer newsletters

  • Plant Clinics & Fairs: organize, participate, or answer questions

  • Writing: assist/conduct research and writing projects for fact sheets, brochures, power point presentations, newspaper and magazine articles

  • Teaching Adult Classes: for ages 18+

  • TV & Radio Programs: provide information on horticultural/environmental topics

ii. Administrative Project Examples

  • Time served in county or regional MG Extension Volunteer programs maintaining mailing lists, databases, web pages, newsletters, writing grants, preparing for/ attending board or committee meetings.

  • Special committees/programs/activities approved by County Extension Staff

    b. Service that does not qualify:

  • Volunteer service performed on behalf of another organization.

  • Attendance at state, regional, or local MG organization or MG Extension Volunteer meetings.

  • Attendance at training, tours, or continuing education classes as a participant and not as an instructor or facilitator.

  • Any activity where payment is received for services.