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MGEV Recordkeeping System

June 1, 2014, marked the official launch of MGLOG, the statewide recordkeeping system for the Georgia MGEV Program. This system, designed by a team of Agents and Program Assistants, was designed and built for the Georgia MGEV Program. Volunteers will be able to record their volunteer and training hours while Agents and program assistants can follow volunteer progress and gather the data they need for their responsibilities.

Agents and Program Assistants have participated in numerous trainings throughout the winter and spring. As they have used MGLOG, their comments and suggestions have honed and improved the system. Agents began sharing MGLOG with local MGEVs late this spring. Training and practice continues through summer 2014.

This online recordkeeping system is tailored to meet many needs of the Georgia volunteer program.

  • For MGEVs: Everyone is listed in one place, according to the local program that you are a part of. Volunteers will have access to the system to update contact information and report volunteer service. No more paper log sheets!! Individuals will also be able to mark areas of interest so that agents have a list of interested volunteers when there is a project need.
  • For Agents: Projects are listed in the system, offering searchable results for end-of-year reporting. Volunteers help share the responsibility of keeping information up-to-date. The system offers an efficient communication tool to all MGEVs. It is easy to monitor the progress of trainees or the active status of others. End-of-year reporting, as well as monthly data, are available at the click of a button.
  • For the SPO: There will be a direct means of communicating with MGEVs across the state. It will be much easier to promote training opportunities for current, active MGEVs. Annual reporting will have greater detail about the projects conducted locally. Statewide impacts will be better understood.

Many thanks to our team who designed the MGEV recordkeeping system! Paul Pugliese, ANR Agent, Bartow County, lead; Keith Fielder, ANR Agent, Putnam County; Kathy Parent, Program Assistant, Gwinnett County; and Carolyn Gentry, former Program Assistant, Cobb County.

To log in and begin using MGLOG, visit this link: