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Sunshine Jordan

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Sunshine Jordan

When people meet Sunshine Jordan, they often break into song. "I've heard them all," she said. "'You Are My Sunshine,' 'Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone'; you name it. Some people sing just a verse, others sing the whole song."

Sunshine can thank her "hippie-era" parents for her unique name. And it is her proper name, not a nickname. Her sister's name is Cheryl so the pair was dubbed Suni and Cher growing up. "They thought it would be a neat name and it has served me well," says the owner of numerous sunshine shaped mirrors, blankets and kitchen décor items.

Sunshine joined the Extension family in June of 2009, coming from a position as director of operations for a nonprofit in Hall County. She is Extension's data coordinator working with the Accountability office and the Extension Organizational Development office.

"Basically, for accountability, we compile data for reporting the work done by the college and Extension to federal, state and local government," she said. "We are able to pull the data agents and specialists enter in Georgia Counts. This information is so important all the time but especially now during the budget crisis. When the big cuts were announced, we were able to quickly pull figures showing the number of programs and contacts agents make in their communities."

She is currently working on compiling a Federal report for the USDA. Sunshine enjoys talking with Extension agents across the state and helping them report the work they are doing in the counties.

"We have a very interesting perspective from our office. I get to see how things tie together by stepping back and seeing the full cycle – from research to planning to programming to reporting outcomes."

By talking directly with agents, she gets a first-person account of Extension work. "I ask them to tell me what exactly they do, they explain their work and every time I am continually impressed by how much Extension is doing in the communities," she said. "It really boggles my mind. About the time I wrap my mind around it another layer unfolds."

When not organizing data at work, Sunshine juggles her roles as wife and mother of three. A native of Hilton Head, SC, she is a self proclaimed "beach brat." She now enjoys hiking and camping with her family and has set a goal to "sleep in every Georgia state park there is."

(Written by Sharon Dowdy, a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

Released February 2011.