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Jule-Lynn Macie

Rockdale agent brings creativity and passion to work

Rockdale County Extension Agent Jule-Lynne Macie is known as the "bug lady" (and she likes it) by her fellow Extension agents and clientele because of her expertise and passion for entomology. Extension agents, green industry clientele and the general public often seek her advice on insect problems they are having in the landscape or home environment.

Jule-Lynne Macie holds insectShe is also widely known for her creative teaching methods to inform people about the insect world. One example is the Rockdale County Insectival she started in 2009. "This is a festival to educate residents about the value of insects and ease their phobias by providing unique insects to view, handle, eat and spit," Jule-Lynne said. Yes, she said "spit," as in cricket spitting, a Guinness World Book record event. This popular event has educated hundreds of people about insects and even helped some people have a different view of insects. "One father brought his two-year old daughter to the Insectival because she was petrified of insects. He thought it would help her learn to not be afraid. By the end of the day, she was touching a Madagascar hissing cockroach and looking closely at insect displays. She left not feeling threatened by insects anymore," Jule-Lynne said.

As with all county agents in Georgia, Jule-Lynne's expertise is not limited to entomology. She works closely with the landscaping community by providing local expertise on insect and disease management and holding workshops for professionals on various subjects like landscape maintenance, pruning and tree care, turf care, and programs for pesticide recertification. She also offers review programs for professionals preparing to take the pesticide certification test.

Jule-Lynne also has become a leading agent in educating residents in the areas of the environment and agriculture and natural resources using a variety of techniques — teaching classes, writing a weekly newspaper column for the Rockdale Citizen: Indoors Outdoors, hosting the Envir-O-Sense television show on her county's government cable access channel (Rockdale 23) and working one-on-one with people. She has coached several State Champion Youth Envirothon teams and taken them to the National Finals.

She is a certified arborist and has received national media awards for her work in 4-H and youth. She is received the Outstanding Media Project Award from the Georgia Urban Forest Council for Rockdale 23 Envir-O-Sense shows focusing on urban tree education. She has also been published in the International Society of Arboriculture Magazine.

Jule-Lynne is also very active in the community. She is a Rotary member, past president of AT&T's Toastmasters, past co-president of the Rockdale Magnet Fund, a perennial gardener and cookie baker, a reluctant Georgia Tech fan (her son is in the band), and a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Jule-Lynne earned a Bachelor of Science in forest entomology from State University of New York. She moved south to attend the University of Georgia and received a master's in plant protection and pest management before beginning her career with UGA Cooperative Extension. She has served as the Extension agent in Rockdale County for 24 years.

(Article by Sheldon Hammond, Ag. & Natural Resources program development coordinator, Northwest District Extension.)

Released November 2011.