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Hope Warren

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Hope Warren

Hope Warren built a career in Extension one step at a time

Hope Warren's career with UGA Extension is a true story of working your way up the ranks.

A native of Powder Springs, Hope was raised by parents who grew vegetables, raised a few chickens and horses. "We lived on five acres, but it wasn't really a farm," she remembers. She dabbled in 4-H during elementary and middle school but didn't jump in full force.

After graduating from high school, she decided to join the working world instead of immediately enrolling in college. Her first job was working with Cobb County government in the local UGA Extension office.

"I just love Extension. I was the 4-H secretary for several years and then I was the assistant to county coordinator Bruce Beck," she said. Hope worked for Bruce until he retired and then she worked with Patricia Simmons Stuckey.

While working in the Extension office, Hope entered college at Shorter College, got married and raised four children.

"I worked and went to school and it took me six years to finish," she said. Finishing included earning a bachelor's degree in management and a master's degree in arts and literature."

As a family and consumer sciences agent, Hope uses her business degree in her accounting and family management programming. As the Cobb County office's coordinator, she uses her management degree daily as she prepares and manages the office's budget funds that come in from both the state and the county. "My degree also gives me insight into the administrative side of Extension operations," she said.

Hpoe Warren"Honestly, when you work for Extension you receive training from UGA," she said. "I worked hard to go from the secretary to the county extension coordinator and I love working for Extension."

Part of being a successful county Extension agent and/or coordinator is getting out into the community, working with people and building relationships. "My many, many years in Cobb County have allowed me to build relationships with key elected officials, managers and community leaders," Hope said. "It has also given me the benefit of seeing where we have been and use that to move us forward in developing an efficient program for urban needs."

Hope's favorite part of working for UGA Extension is working with people. "You feel like you are helping people and you see the results of your work. The effort you put into a child and the feedback we get from the people who use our programs is amazing," Hope said. "I feel like we are on a certain path that God has for us. And I feel like I am on that path and I contribute my success to Him."

In her free time, the Paulding County resident enjoys working at her church as educational director and spending time with her five grandchildren. "They are all boys from 7 down to 1 and they are all stairsteps. When I'm not at work, I focus on my family," she said.

(Written by Sharon Dowdy, a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

Released January 2013.