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Intranet: Policies and Procedures

Guidelines for CAES Athens Staff Awards for Excellence

Administrative/Professional, Technical Support, and Skilled Trades Categories

The Staff Awards for Excellence in Administrative/Professional, Technical Support, and Skilled Trades were established in 2002 in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. These awards are made possible through the generosity of Gold Kist Inc. As other corporate sponsors are identified, the number and scope of the awards shall be expanded to provide added recognition of the Athens-based staff. The categories of awards discussed in this paragraph (and defined below) are restricted to the Athens campus. The Northeast Cooperative Extension District office shall be considered a part of the Athens-based campus.


The purpose of the award(s) is to foster staff development by recognizing exceptional work place creativity and sustained excellence in support of academic, administrative, or support functions in CAES. The impact of the staff employee's achievement should be readily measurable and affirmable by a large segment in the respective department or unit. These awards are not intended to provide a means for correcting past salary inequities or to recognize longevity. The main criteria for choosing the award recipient in each category will be the contribution that the employee has made to the success of the program. What we seek to recognize are those employees who have used their talents to make extraordinary contributions to the organization, campus, or a program. Our objective is to encourage outstanding performance and reward excellence in staff achievements.

Definition of Awards (Categories)

  • Administrative/Professional – This category of classified employees includes secretaries and accounting personnel in any department or unit.
  • Technical Support – This category of classified employees includes field or laboratory technicians and computer personnel in any department or unit.
  • Skilled Trades – This category of classified employees includes farm laborers, carpenters, custodians, electricians and etc.

Number of Awards

Based upon currently available resources, one award will be made annually in each category. Each award recipient will receive a plaque and a $1,000 (after taxes) cash award.


Eligibility for awards shall be limited to full-time staff employees on the Athens campus with a minimum of three (3) years of continuous CAES employment as of the date of nomination. Past recipients of the award are not eligible for renomination.

Selection Committee

The Dean and Director shall appoint one non-voting Chairperson to guide the process. A selection subcommittee will include a minimum of three classified staff members to represent each category. The previous winners of each category will serve on the respective committee for a three-year term. There will also be one representative from the remaining departments/units to serve on the whole committee. A combined number of faculty and/or administrators will not make a majority of voting members on any one committee.


There shall be a maximum of one nomination per category from each department/unit. Each department/unit is encouraged to nominate a staff member for each category. In addition, the department/unit will determine how the nominee is selected. It is encouraged that each department/unit develop a set of well publicized procedures for identifying the nominee, which includes the active participation of faculty and staff in the unit. Eligible CAES staff include regularly employed administrative classified personnel as well as non-administrative classified personnel based on the Athens Campus. This does not include partial year, temporary, or student employees. For information regarding staff eligibility, contact the CAES Business Office.

Each nomination packet must contain:

  1. A one-page official cover sheet (pdf) (doc)
  2. A one-page impact statement (use a 12-point font and one-inch margin)
  3. A maximum of two one-page letters of support (letters from campus staff and external sources are of equal importance).

The candidate may not prepare the impact statement but may be asked to provide information. The transmittal form and the documentation should be available to the candidate. The support letters may remain confidential. The impact statement should be clear and concise in addressing the extraordinary achievements of the nominee in advancing the success of the program, organization, or College. Each packet submitted should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner. Do not use cover sheets or folders. The Awards Committee will not review any nomination that does not follow these specifications.

Nomination packets should be forwarded electronically to in PDF format. Nominations are due in the Office of the Dean and Director by October 27 or the following workday should this be a weekend or holiday. Subsequently, the Office of the Dean and Director will submit the packets to the Chairperson for distribution within five days.


Awards will be presented at the Athens Campus Holiday Luncheon by the Dean. A very brief announcement of the winner's accomplishments should be included during the presentation. A brief write up regarding the award recipient should be available on the CAES website and via electronic communications from the Office of the Dean and Director.


  • Nomination Cover Sheet: (pdf) (doc)