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Intranet: Policies and Procedures: Section 3: College Identity

3.02 World Wide Web Publishing Policy

The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences World Wide Web Publishing Policy is intended to ensure that all college World Wide Web efforts are clearly identifiable, professional in nature, and in compliance with pertinent laws, regulations and policies. This policy is not intended to be unnecessarily restrictive or to impose artificial constraints upon Web development activities within the college.

All official College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Web pages developed by or in association with any CAES department, unit, program, project, activity, etc., and containing information attributable to the college or any of its departments, units, programs, projects, activities, etc., must adhere to the college's mission and must be solely non-profit in nature.

All official CAES pages, regardless of server location, are subject to the following:

Applicable Laws

All content published to the World Wide Web is subject to:

  • Applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances and guidelines.
  • Applicable University of Georgia computing policies.
  • Applicable University System of Georgia policies and procedures.
  • Pertinent intellectual property, copyright, and fair-use laws and policies.

Identity Standards

Any use of University of Georgia and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences logos or other identifying marks must meet the requirements and specifications set forth in the university's Identity Program Policies and Standards and the college's Identity Program and Standards Policy, respectively.

Minimum Requirements

Web pages must meet minimum requirements by including the following elements on all official CAES pages, regardless of server location:

  • The UGA logo and CAES type treatment in accordance with the university identity policy and the college identity policy, respectively.

  • Explicit link to the UGA home page (

  • Explicit link to the CAES home page (

  • Footer information:
    • Contact information plus feedback mechanism to assist the user in contacting the individual or group responsible for the material.
    • Date last updated (i.e. Last updated: July 28, 2014).
    • UGA and CAES links.

  • Academic departments must include:
    • Information for prospective students including links to undergraduate and graduate admissions.
    • Information distinguishing undergraduate program offerings.

  • Accessible design:
    • The CAES is committed to ensuring accessibility of its websites for people with disabilities.
    • All CAES Web pages should conform to Section 508 standards.
    • All CAES Web pages should conform to UGA's Web Accessibility and Persons with Disabilities guidelines.

Web Style Guidelines

All Web pages should adhere to the standards set forth in the official CAES Web style guide, which offers specific CAES templates that follow the minimum guidelines, provides guidance on larger Web design issues, and points to valuable resources within the college and larger academic community.

Site Planning

Initial plans for any site redesign should include the CAES Web Team, as shared resources may eventually be needed. This is to ensure that all key information is communicated up front with college groups and external parties.

To convey site plans, contact the CAES Web Team.

Site Hosting Services

All content published to the World Wide Web is subject to the rules and guidelines set forth by that site's host (i.e. the Internet service provider, the CAES Office of Information Technology or UGA's Enterprise Information Technology Services).

To request hosting services on the CAES Datacenter, contact the CAES Web Team.

Additional Policy

Administrative Council members may develop additional Web policies for their individual departments or units. Such policy may not supersede this official World Wide Web Publishing Policy.

Independent Web Contractors

Independent Web designers and developers are expected to produce websites that adhere to the college's minimum guidelines and appropriately use the college templates. Contact the CAES Web Team for further details or assistance.


If Web pages that are out of compliance with this policy are identified, the College Web Team will contact the site-owner, notify them of the known issue and provide them with a timeline towards expected compliance. Site-owners and maintainers are expected to self-regulate their own pages. Should Web pages continue to remain out of compliance, links to those pages will be removed.