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Intranet: Policies and Procedures: Section 1: Personnel

1.05 Grievance Procedures

The grievance procedure in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is through the straight line administrative chain. Any person with a grievance should first take the grievance to his or her supervisor. This procedure should include making an official appointment with the supervisor and providing a written report of the grievance to the supervisor prior to the appointment.

If the grievance is not resolved in the meeting with the supervisor, the grievance may be taken to the next level of authority. The grievant may skip over any administrator directly involved in the grievance and proceed to the next highest administrative level. The grievant should make an official appointment and present the grievance in writing prior to the appointment at any level.

Each supervisor shall try to resolve the grievance or reach an agreement. The supervisor handling a grievance may request evidence on the matter from individuals other than the grievant. In particular, if there is a respondent in the grievance, this person shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the administrator attempting to resolve the grievance.

When an investigation of a grievance has been concluded by any supervisor, the supervisor shall prepare a written statement of findings and recommendations. A copy shall be provided to the grievant. This statement containing the administrator's decision, along with the reasons for the decision, will provide a written record of how the grievance was handled.

Each grievance must be decided within thirty (30) working days after the grievance is presented in writing by the grievant to the supervisor. If the grievant has not received the written concluding statement from the supervisor within the 30 working days, he or she may carry the grievance to the next level of authority.

If the grievance is not resolved at the college level, the faculty member may take the grievance to the next level of administration. The dean and director shall advise the faculty member of the appropriate contact person and proper procedure for taking the grievance to the next level of authority.