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Faculty and Staff Intranet: Foundations

Mentor Support

A Mentor will be assigned by the DED to work with you (Mentee) during your first year. During your first week of employment, the Mentor will contact you by phone to welcome you to the organization and to schedule the first visit.

The first visit should occur within the first month, with a minimum of two more visits scheduled during the next six months. During the second six months you and your Mentor should communicate as needed.

Topics for discussion between you and your Mentor may include organizational development, time management, public relations/marketing, programming and professional development.

The visits should be designed to ensure that you are exposed to all program areas. The experience may include attending educational programs in A&NR and FACS, observing a 4-H club meeting, attending an advisory council meeting, farm tour/field day, planning meeting, and/or awards program. The Mentor should "host" you at association meetings, Winter School and district meetings and introduce you to other county faculty. Communication by phone, e-mail, etc. should occur as needed.

An Observation Visit to a second county, diverse from your base county, will also be scheduled during the second six months of employment. This county is determined between the CEC, DED and you.

Four report forms (three Mentor Visit Report Forms and one Observation Visit Report Form) are to be completed immediately after the visits, with copies distributed to the DED, CEC, and PDC/S involved.

  • Mentor Visit Report Form #1 - pdf
  • Mentor Visit Report Form #2 - pdf
  • Mentor Visit Report Form #3 - pdf
  • Observation Visit Report Form - pdf