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Introduction to Extension

Lesson Four:
Extension Policies & Reporting Procedures


The areas that will be covered in this lesson include Policies and Reporting Procedures. The Extension County Operations page includes links to Policies and Procedures and Program Reports which you need to be familiar with.


While many county offices have their own policies, procedures, and reporting forms, there are some policies and forms that are used statewide. Go to the Extension County Operations page now and review these policies.

Reporting Procedures

The Extension County Operations page contains information on several types of reports, including Administrative, Performance Review and Program Reports. Go to the Reporting Procedures section of the Extension County Operations page to review what's there.

Be sure to read each link under Program Reports, including information on:

Go to activity"Lesson Four" Activity

Once you have finished the lesson, please complete the Lession Four Quiz.
The password for all four quizzes is "extension".

Note: All four quizzes (three for non-UGA employees) must be completed to get credit for the course.


In this last lesson you were introduced to important policies you need to be familiar with. You have also learned some of the reporting procedures you will use.

Now it's time to wrap it up! Continue on to the last section Wrapping Up to give your opinion about this training and find out where you go from here.

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