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Introduction to Extension

Lesson One:
Extension's History & Principles


Extension professionals are continually looking for new and innovative ways to serve the citizens of Georgia, yet direction can also be found by remembering where we have been. Understanding your new role in extension also means understanding the history of this organization, and the values that form the basis of extension's mission.

In this lesson you will explore Extension's organizational principles and the rich history of Extension in Georgia.

  • Learn more about Extension's organizational principles.
  • Learn more about the rich history of Extension in Georgia.


Once you have finished the lesson, please complete the Lession One Quiz.
The password for all four quizzes is "extension".

Note: All four quizzes (three for non-UGA employees) must be completed to get credit for the course.


In this lesson you have learned about extension's history and the core principles involved in the extension philosophy, values, beliefs and vision.

Now, move on to Lesson Two where you will learn about our organizational structure.

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