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Introduction to Extension

Getting Started

Welcome to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension! This course is designed to help you get your bearings as you begin your extension career. The navigation on the left will lead you through each lesson in this training. Topics include:

As a new county Extension faculty member, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of your role in this large, diverse organization. As you begin your first year with Extension, it's not easy to know where to turn for answers, who to contact for help, and what to expect from your colleagues and clients.

Throughout this training, we will give you the tools you need to navigate through new territory. The topics covered in each of these lessons are designed to teach not only the practical, such as what form to use when, but also to instill in you a sense of pride in the rich history of Georgia Extension.

First, let's start with the basics:

Course Objectives

"Getting Your Bearings: An Introduction to Extension" is designed to introduce new county Extension faculty to basic personnel issues, and to familiarize you with the structure and organization of UGA Extension. Each lesson has been constructed to provide an overview of important information that new employees need to become familiar with in your first few months of work.

Course Requirements

In order to receive credit for participation in this training, you must complete all of the lessons and activities in this course within your first month of employment. (A minimum score of 80 is required on each quiz. You can retake any quiz if needed.)

This is a self-paced course. However, you may want to use the following schedule to pace yourself.

Each lesson should take you approximately one hour to complete, although you are free to spend as much time as you like within the four week period.

Site Navigation

The structure of this site is simple. The main navigation is found on the left sidebar. Click on each of the links on the lesson page, to view the content of that particular lesson.

Quick Links

The Quick Links box in the top right corner gives you access to information you may want or need to know.

  • Help! -Provides contact information for technical support and other related questions.
  • All Lesson Quizzes -Will take to the list of all lesson quizzes.
  • Foundations Trainings -Returns to the main Foundations page for more information on Cooperative Extensions' intensive orientation program.

Lesson Structure

The lessons in this training contain two parts—Informational pages and Quizzes. The informational pages will help you complete the quizzes required, and can also serve as reference pages for use at any time during your extension career. The quizzes require a password for access to test your knowledge of the information you just reviewed.


Quizzes are only available to Extension faculty and staff with the appropriate password, which was provided in your welcome email. All four quizzes (three for non-UGA employees) must be completed to get credit for the course. The password for all four quizzes is "extension"



You are just getting started, but you should now have a better understanding of the objectives of this online training.

Now it's time to plunge into Lesson One where you will explore Extension's past and foundational principles.

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