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Faculty and Staff Intranet: Foundations

Foundations Trainings

During the next few months you will participate in training designed specifically to help you develop an effective county program.

Training Schedule

Your training schedule is available on the Extension Training System

You will need to create an account if you haven't already done so by clicking "Request an Account". When you login under your name a list of training sessions you are enrolled in will display with dates. You can click on each training session title for more information. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar now!

Required trainings include:

"Getting Your Bearings: An Introduction to Extension"

During your first 30 days of employment, you will participate in a web-based orientation which will introduce you to basic personnel issues and familiarize you with the structure and organization of University of Georgia Extension. The course includes four lessons: Extension’s History; Extension’s Organization; Employee Benefits for UGA funded positions; and Policies and Procedures. Required activities are included in each lesson. A direct link is provided in the menu to the left.

"Extension Foundations"

This two-phase training is required for all new county faculty within the first few months of employment.

Phase I, "Skills and Tools" focuses on professionalism, interpersonal relations, media skills, funds accounts management, public service promotion and managing work and personal time. Various Extension state staff members participate as presenters.

Phase II, "Program Development" provides in-depth training on the Extension program development process, including needs assessment strategies, working with advisory committees, program development and implementation, teaching strategies and program evaluation techniques. Program development coordinators and specialists lead the sessions.

"Basics of Youth Development"

This three-day training, required of all new county faculty, includes an overview of the Georgia 4-H program and the basic tools all county faculty need to know as they work with youth audiences in their particular subject matter area. Topics include working with youth; policies and risk management (including screening volunteers); certifying overnight chaperones; insurance; and handling sensitive issues. Project achievement and judging events are also features of this training, as well as an overview of all educational opportunities offered through 4-H.

Program Area Training

During your first year of employment you will participate in program area trainings related to your current programming assignment. Trainings in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H and Youth are scheduled two times annually.

"Agriculture and Natural Resources"

The A&NR training consist of five days of broad content training. This training is designed to teach basic skills needed to perform in the role of County Extension Agent – ANR. The training will include a look at ANR technology, a tour of the Ag Services Lab Resources, Digital Imaging, & a panel of veteran Agents discussing trouble shooting & problem solving techniques. Disciplinary areas will provide basic skills & information needed to handle common situations faced by most ANR Agents. Specific content includes plant, insect & disease identification, sprayer calibration, pesticide issues, animal waste management & environmental planning, economics, working with livestock, and handling basic forestry related requests.

"Family and Consumer Sciences"

The FACS training consists of five days of instruction in the following subject areas: Food Safety and Food Preservation, Nutrition and Health, Human Development, Housing and Environment, Resource Management, as well as FACS program development, evaluation and accountability.

"Food Preservation Training"
In addition to the five-day training, a three-day training in Food Preservation is provided every two years. The training includes laboratory experiences to familiarize you with extension-recommended procedures for canning, freezing, drying, and acidifying foods.

"Fundamentals for 4-H Youth Development"

This three-day training provides an understanding of and appreciation for the 4-H and Youth Development program in Georgia, as well as the tools needed to effectively lead a county 4-H program. Content includes a discussion of club delivery at the cloverleaf, junior and senior levels; 4-H camping; community collaboration and teacher relations; working with the A&NR and FACS faculty; money management; recognition of 4-H youth; marketing your 4-H program; data management; event management; and volunteer recruitment and management.

"Foundations of Communications"

Extension agents need advanced training in how to communicate with the public, media and other interested parties. This is a 3-day training with hands-on, real-world scenario workshops. Lecture sessions cover marketing, media relations, crisis communications, writing and numbered publications. Hands-on breakout sessions cover blogging, e-newsletters, media interviews, presentations, photography, videography, social media, radio PSAs and graphic design. Agents will leave this training better prepared to communicate with their local communities as well as with media outlets for program promotion and crisis situations.