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Faculty and Staff Intranet: Foundations : In-County Orientation

In-County Orientation for County Agents

As you begin your career, you will face many uncertainties and have many questions. To ensure that you are prepared for the immediate challenges that lie ahead, an in-county orientation phase of training is provided.

One-on-one conversations with your District Extension Director, County Extension Coordinator, County Extension Secretary and Program Development Coordinator(s) and/or Specialist are conducted. These discussions will provide an opportunity for you to build relationships with co-workers, as well as to learn information you will need immediately.

Checklists of topics to be discussed during each visit are provided as a guide for discussion. Some topics are listed more than once. Some are also covered in training. This is to give further clarification and emphasis to these topics. After you have your discussions copies of checklists should be sent to the District Extension Director (and County Extension Coordinator, if indicated) upon completion.

County Extension Coordinator

There are three checklists you will use with your County Extension Coordinator. The first is to be used for discussion within your first two weeks of employment and contains topics dealing with daily office routines, staff meetings, dress code, expense statements, interoffice communication, mentoring support and any other items which are of the most immediate interest.

The next checklist is to be used within the first 60 days of employment and takes a broader look at the mission of Cooperative Extension and your role in fulfilling the mission. Within four months, the discussion focuses on the county program, including the program of work, the advisory committee and other county resources. Contacts with your mentor are also discussed and the observation visit planned.

The County Extension Coordinator will also direct you to resources you need to complete the County Information Workbook in the first nine months of employment.

  • CEC Checklist (two weeks) - word
  • CEC Checklist (60 days) - word
  • CEC Checklist (4 months) - word
  • County Information Workbook - pdf

County Extension Secretary

As with any position, the management of an effective office begins with a good working relationship with the support staff. You will find that your County Extension Secretary is an invaluable source of information and assistance. Within the first 30 days of employment, the County Extension Secretary will meet with you to provide basic information on office procedures.

  • County Extension Secretary Checklist - word

District Extension Director

The District Extension Director provides the link between county staffs in the district and communicates information related to the statewide operation of Cooperative Extension. Initiated within the first 30 days of employment, but spanning the first four months, the DED will meet with you to share information on the various roles of individuals statewide, policies to adhere to, as well as strategies for professional development.

  • DED Checklist - word

Program Development Coordinator

Within your first 60 days of employment you will meet with your district Program Development Coordinator/Specialist, depending on your program area assignment(s). For instance, if you are responsible for A&NR, as well as 4-H & Youth, meetings with both a 4-H & Youth Program Development Coordinator and an A&NR Program Development Coordinator will take place.

Discussions focus on subject matter resources, program development, teaching techniques, trainings, volunteer utilization, networking with related organizations and agencies, and other information related to the particular program area.

  • Program Development Coordinator (A&NR) Checklist - word
  • Program Development Coordinator (4-H) Checklist - word
  • Program Development Coordinator (FACS) Checklist - word