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Introduction to Extension

Lesson Three:
UGA Employee Benefits


ALERT!! This lesson is NOT for County Only Funded Employees


Benefit information can be overwhelming and difficult to understand, especially as you try to make important decisions in your first month of employment. This lesson is designed to provide additional information and clarification you may need after completing the UGA on-line orientation.

Go to the Extension County Operations Employee Benefits page to learn about benefit information important to new UGA employees, including:


Once you have finished the lesson, please complete the Lession Three Quiz.
The password for all four quizzes is "extension".

Note: All four quizzes (three for non-UGA employees) must be completed to get credit for the course.


In this lesson, you learned more about UGA's benefits such as the 31 Day Rule, direct deposit, and the optional retirement plan. You also learned about tax withholding information that directly impacts CAES county employees.

In Lesson Four you will be introduced to extension policies and reporting procedures. Let's go there next!

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