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July/August 2014

Steve BrownSteve Brown, Interim Associate Dean for Extension, 706/542-3824,

Extension Colleagues:

I feel a little like Forrest Gump lately. Like Forrest, I'm from Alabama and some would agree that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. But, like Forrest, I've had some amazing experiences in my career and have somehow found myself in positions of honor. It is indeed an honor to serve as your Interim Associate Dean for Extension. I am committed to making this as smooth of a leadership transition as possible and to turning over a financially sound and well-staffed organization to my successor. As you know, the search for the new Associate Dean for Extension is progressing and I'm sure we will find someone that will do a great job leading this awesome organization. I'm thankful to Dean Angle for his confidence in me to serve in the meantime.

Our current financial status is sound, but remember that we internally funded 75 percent of our recent raise pool and that took away much of the flexibility that we would have otherwise enjoyed. Still, we're filling vacancies and addressing critical needs. The political winds are blowing our way for the next legislative session and we hope to see some significant enhancements.

Join me in welcoming Craven Hudson as our new Associate 4-H Program Leader. Also, thanks to Arch Smith for serving in two roles for the past few years. I know how that feels and it's very difficult. Last month's State 4-H Congress was a huge success and even though I have no formal background in 4-H programming, I will always be proud to say that I was in a position to oversee such an impressive organization.

We are currently engaged in a search for four new Program Development Coordinators for Family and Consumer Sciences programming. This represents a change in the previous coordination of FACS programming with Cooperative Extension and we look forward to working with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences to continue strengthening these vital programs.

We are planning for a productive Program Planning Week, September 8-12. Many important decisions are made during that week and I'm thankful to the many people that are helping me design a strong agenda. This is an off year for Winter School, but we are planning individual program area conferences that should provide valuable training opportunities as well as opportunities for program area team building. 4-H actually had there session last week, FACS will have theirs during the normal Winter School week and we are planning an ANR Conference for March 31-April 2. Please hold those dates and more details will be provided later.

As always, please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

In this issue of Extension E-News:

  • Greg Price encourages agents to submit their programs for the Outstanding Extension Program award;
  • Deborah Murray recognizes some award-winning FACS experts; and
  • Arch Smith welcomes Craven Hudson and provides an update on numerous youth and adult 4-H award winners.


County Operations

Greg PriceGreg Price, Director of Extension County Operations, 706/542-1060,

Outstanding Extension Program

Every month, vast numbers of great programs are conducted by county Extension staff, agents and specialists across the entire state. The Outstanding Extension Program is a peer-reviewed recognition program designed to highlight many of these successful programs. While our professional associations, departments/districts and commodity groups all have recognition programs, this is the only college wide recognition program sponsored by the Associate Dean for Extension.

The program started in 2009 as a website recognition contest. In November 2011, the program was expanded to recognize the overall educational program. In September of this year, the program will grow yet again adding an overall yearly winner. The first overall annual winner will be recognized during Extension Program Planning Week in September 2015.

Many programs have been recognized and you can view the past winners through the archive on this website. Incidentally, this is a great place to go for research when you are brainstorming great ideas for your program.

Starting in September, we will update a few guidelines and formalize a rotating structure for the selection committee.  Nominated programs should promote and relate to UGA Extension, be of statewide interest, be easily adaptable to other Extension personnel and be innovative. We will continue to recognize winners in our monthly Extension E-News.

I encourage you to nominate your program. The nomination form is always available. Submit your program at any time. It only takes a few minutes to complete the online nomination form. The monthly nomination cycle refreshes on the tenth of each month. You can upload up to four supporting documents or pictures with your application.

We appreciate the work of numerous faculty/staff members that have served on this committee since 2009. We would especially like to thank Amanda Tedrow, Clarke County Extension agent, who has been involved since the beginning and was instrumental in growing this program.


Family and Consumer Sciences

Deborah MurrayDeborah Murray, FACS State Program Leader, 706/542-4862,

Congratulations, GEAFCS winners!

The 2014 Georgia Extension Association of Family and Consumers Sciences met August 6-7 in Jasper for a dynamic professional development conference. During the conference awards were presented for outstanding programming. Congratulations go out to the National Award Winners who will be recognized during the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences meeting set for Lexington, Kentucky, September 15-18.

National Award Winners

1st Place Early Child Care Training
Keishon Thomas, FVSU, provided workshops for childcare providers to improve childcare facilities through reducing environmental health hazards.

1st Place Food Safety
The multi-disciplinary team of Judy Harrison, Susan Howington, Frank Hancock, Denise Everson, Amanda Tedrow, Joann Milam, Julia Gaskin, Mark Harrison, Jennifer Cannon, Renee Boyer, Geoffrey Zehnder, Susan Barefoot, Terri Black, Kisha Faulk, Louise Estabrook, Keith Mickler, Paul Pugliese, Kathy Floyd, Mary Carol Sheffield, Renee Dotson, Helen Carter, Ines Beltran, Wade Hutcheson, Carole Knight, Peggy Bledsoe, Stefan Price, Janet Sylvia, Judy Ashley and Cindee Sweda, taught farmers and farmers market managers best practices to keep produce safe on the farm and at the market and helped consumers reduce risk of foodborne illness.

1st Place TV/Video
Susan Howington and Frank Hancock
cooperated with Henry TV 14 to produce "Garden Delights," a twice daily program that encourages healthy eating habits, teaching food preparation skills and provides garden tips.

1st Place Social Networking
Through UGA GreenWay, the team of Pamela Turner, Sharon Gibson, Ines Beltran, Edda Cotta-Rivera, Diane Bales, Elizabeth Andress, Lisa Jordan, Kasey Christian and Jennifer Hubbard-Sanchez, helps people live greener and healthier lives by connecting them to trustworthy sources of information.

2nd Place Environmental Education
The team of Christa Campbell, Sharon Gibson, Valencia Thornton, Leigh Anne Aaron, Russell Oliver, Elizabeth Manclark, Gretchen Ferenz, the Northeast Chapter of the Littoral Society and Teens as Planners assisted with the removal of Hurricane Sandy debris on Breezy Point as well as the marsh restoration work on Jamaica Bay.

2nd Place Educational Curriculum Package
The team of Susan Moore, Diane Bales, Janet Hollingsworth, Lisa Jordan, Laura Smith and Teri Black developed a curriculum for educating childcare providers on injury prevention and control to ensure children's safety.

2nd Place Marketing Package
Keishon Thomas and Billy Brown created the Georgia Residential Energy Efficiency Network to educate Georgians on ways to adopt good energy practices that provide economic and environmental impact.

3rd Place Dean Don Felker Financial Management
The team of Rachel Hubbard, Michael Rupured, Melinda Miller, Kris Peavy, Cindy Sheram and Kandi Edwards created a series of six interactive financial management lessons for middle school youth.

I look forward to representing Georgia with these national award winners at the awards program and banquet.


4-H and Youth Development

Arch SmithArch Smith, 4-H & Youth Development State Program Leader, 706/542-4H4H,

There have been many changes in the past several weeks at the Georgia State 4-H Office. On July 15, Craven Hudson joined the University of Georgia Extension Service as Associate State 4-H Leader. Craven served on the Extension faculty at North Carolina State University for 25 years. He and his family have bought a home in Oconee County. Read the news articles about Craven on Georgia FACES. He can be reached at (706) 542-8925 or

Congratulations to all the 4-H members who participated in State 4-H Congress in late July. It was the celebration of another great year for Georgia 4-H. During the week we recognized our 4-H Leadership in Action winners, the Georgia 4-H Achievement Scholarship winners, more than 100 4-H special event winners and 48 Project Achievement winners. During the leadership banquet, we inducted our new slate of Georgia State 4-H Officers for 2014-2015 and the Ryles Rising Star Award was presented to Kelle Ashley, Bibb County's 4-H agent. Throughout the week we also recognized many of our 4-H donors. During the Georgia 4-H Annual Banquet, we presented the Georgia 4-H Green Jacket Award to Representative Terry England, chairman of the Georgia House Appropriations Committee. Chairman England not only supports 4-H as a public official, but as a donor who helps with our 4-H program efforts. Dr. Bo Ryles was recognized for his continued support of Georgia 4-H with the GAE4-HA Friend of 4-H Award. Shirley Williamson from Columbia County was the state honoree of the William H. Booth Award. District honorees of the Booth award were Kandi Edwards of Whitfield County, Cheryl Poppell of Toombs County and Patrick Willis of Berrien County.

At the close of the Thursday's annual banquet, the Fortson Youth Training Center Board of Directors presented to deed to the center to the University of Georgia 4-H program. We also recognized Jenny Jordan for 25 years of service to Extension and 4-H. Jenny has been a valuable member of the state 4-H faculty and has been responsible for teen programs, project achievement, volunteer programs, risk management and advising the state 4-H officers. She also managed Fall Forum, State 4-H Council and State 4-H Congress. On Aug. 1, Jenny joined the faculty of the JW Fanning Leadership Institute. We wish Jenny much success in her new role and are grateful for her wonderful and dedicated service to 4-H. Dr. Steve Brown has agreed that we can fill Jenny's vacant public service faculty position and we will begin to develop a position announcement within the next few weeks.


Outstanding Extension programs

July winner

The July winner of the Outstanding Extension Program contest is the Small Farming: Where to Begin program coordinated by Karol Kelly with Bibb County Extension.

Small Farming: Where To Begin is a program tailored for the small and/or beginning farmer. Several central Georgia Extension offices, including Bibb, Bleckley, Houston, Laurens, Peach, Putnam, Taylor, and Twiggs, collaborated to offer the training to benefit the increasing number of small farms in the central Georgia area. The training was held at the Milledgeville Campus of Central Georgia Technical College. Participants had the option of choosing their personal preferences to which sessions they would attend. The sessions were taught by UGA specialists and industry professionals and included the following topics: record keeping, funding, resources, profitable marketing, grazing systems, poultry, organic/sustainable agriculture, vegetables, beekeeping and pecans.

The program was advertised in several counties newspapers, the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin, Central Georgia Technical College newsletter, flyers and the Extension website.

Offered on March 14, the program consisted of five sessions (three general sessions and two breakout sessions) and lasted from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. UGA specialists from horticulture, foods and nutrition, and agribusiness and economic development departments, as well as county agents and a Farm Service Agency representative, taught the program. Speakers provided participants with resources like presentation handouts, Excel spreadsheets, and grant/loan information.

August winner

The August winner of the Outstanding Extension Program contest is the Farm to Chef Networking Day coordinated by Paula Burke with Carroll County Extension.

UGA Extension in Carroll County collaborated with Tanner Health System to host the Farm to Chef Networking Day in November 2013. The goal was to bring food producers and chefs together to discuss streamlining food distribution networks in an effort to bring more locally grown food to restaurants, schools and institutions in the Carroll County area. Over 50 farmers and chefs who want to sell and buy local food attended.

A panel discussion was also held including a farmer, a chef and a director of school nutrition. They talked about their experiences buying and selling from each other. Each farmer and chef had an opportunity to talk one on one during a "speed dating" session. A farmer focus group meeting was also held where farmers were asked about their methods for increasing farmer productivity and/or for increasing collaboration between farmers and local restaurants.

The program was promoted in the local newspaper, through a direct mailing to farmers and chefs, on the Extension website, and through emails. The chefs went away more aware of the fresh products available in their area.


Personnel actions since June 1, 2014

New Hires

  • Ben Hill – Joseph Crabtree, Public Serv Rep, 8/1/2014
  • Bleckley County – Raynor Churchwell, Public Serv Rep, 8/1/2014
  • Colquitt County – Amber Arrington, Public Serv Rep, 6/1/2014
  • Franklin County – Raymond Fitzpatrick, Public Serv Assist, 7/1/2014
  • Jones County – Sharon McKenzie, County Secretary, 6/2/2014
  • Murray County – Stephanie Skojac, Public Serv Rep, 7/1/2014
  • Polk County – Jennifer Prince, County Secretary, 7/17/2014
  • Rockdale County – Jessalyn Hiers, Public Serv, 6/1/2014
  • Rockdale County – Stephen Pettis, Public Serv Asst, 8/1/2014
  • Talbot County – Tamara Harris, County Extension Assoc, 8/1/2014
  • Terrell County – Sonja Strickland, County Secretary, 7/31/2014
  • Ware County – Heather Pittman, County Secretary, 6/19/2014
  • Ware County – Morgan Slusher, Public Serv Asst, 8/1/2014
  • Wayne County – Pamela Duncan, County Extension Assoc, 7/1/2014

Transfers/Position Changes

  • Miller County – Brock Ward, from Randolph to Miller County, 7/1/2014
  • Pierce County – Adrian Crapps, from Glynn to Pierce County, 7/1/2014


  • Brooks County – William Nichols, Public Serv Asst, 6/30/2014
  • Bryan County – Shauna Williams, County Secretary, 6/19/2014
  • Bryan County – Shanna Davis, Pubilc Serv Rep, 7/31/2014
  • Colquitt County – Caroline Horne, County Secretary, 6/18/2014
  • Cook County – Katie Walker, County Secretary, 8/15/2014
  • Coweta County – Rachel Fautsch, Public Serv Rep, 6/13/2014
  • Early County – Wayne Coachman, Public Serv Asst, 6/30/2014
  • Forsyth County – Emily Chow, County Extension Associate, 6/6/2014
  • Glascock County – Candice Hadden, CEPA, 7/2/2014
  • Greene County – Myra Stewart, County Secretary, 7/29/2014
  • Lumpkin County – Alicia Robinson, County Extension Assoc, 7/31/2014
  • Oconee County – Lauren Healey, Public Serv Assoc, 7/31/2014
  • Pulaski County – Julie Moore, CEPA, 6/11/2014
  • SE District Office – Linda Humphries, Admin Specialist, 8/8/2014
  • Troup County - Julie Lawrence, Public Serv Asst, 7/31/2014