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UGA Elements

Welcome to the UGA Elements System

UGA FAR was decommissioned June 15, 2015. The new system, Elements, is accepting data entry. In order to stay current on this developing program, please visit the UGA Elements blog found here for CAES help documents and updates.

April 2015 Message from Dr. Laura Perry Johnson Elements Administrative Liaison for CAES

CAES Faculty - as you have heard many times, the current UGA Faculty Reporting (FAR) System will be ending in June 2015. It will be replaced by the new Elements reporting system and all departmental and unit faculty will be required to use this new system. County faculty will continue to use GaCounts for the time being. Here is a link to the recent Columns’ article on this topic:


I am the Administrative Liaison for our College and Sunshine Jordan is our college’s support for this project. The website is being updated all the time. You should bookmark this site for future reference.


Helpful links & FAQ

  • UGA Elements Home, About, FAQ, and Contacts
  • All data in UGA Faculty Activity Repository was migrated over to the UGA Elements system.
  • Faculty housed in a District Departments will continue to use GaCounts and will not be required to UGA Elements.


Help Documents & Tutorials