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Departmental Procedures, Forms and Reports
(pcard, travel authorities, travel expense statements, etc.)

Pcard - upon receiving your Pcard statement please gather all material together to make your packet.

  • Athens – submit packet to Evelyn
  • Griffin – submit packet to Lynn
  • Tifton – submit packet to Paula

Travel Authority:

  • Athens – Submit to Vickie; Vickie sends to Dr. Bailey.
  • Tifton – Submit to your Secretary; Secretary sends to Paula or Pat;
    Paula or Pat sends to Vickie; Vickie sends to Dr. Bailey.
  • Griffin – Submit to your Secretary; Secretary sends to to Vickie; Vickie sends to Dr. Bailey.

Travel Expense:

  • Athens – Give to Vickie / place in her box in the main office
  • Tifton – Send to Secretary
  • Griffin – Send to Lynn or Donna


  • Athens – Assign to Susan or Evelyn; They submit to Vickie
  • Tifton – Assign to your Secretary; Secretary submits to Vickie
  • Griffin – Assign to Donna; Donna submits to Vickie

Student worker/Salaried approves; Supervisor approves; Vickie/Paula/Donna signs off

UGARuss (equipment off campus authorization):

Leave Request Form: Web based user friendly electronic leave form

Hatch ProjectCreate New Project Guidelines

Faculty Activity Report: UGA Elements

GA Counts:

  • Questions: contact Sunshine Jordan at 706-542-7786

Department Promotion and Tenure Guidelines: P_and_T 09_03_15.pdf

Impact Statements:
All tenure track and public service faculty are expected to submit an impact statement; get reviewed by 2 faculty members before submitting; when you have successfully submitted a statement, you’ll get an automated e-mail copy for your records
Questions: Contact Janet Rodekohr (

Annual Review Instrument

2009 PRAC Final Report