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Travel Regulations - Effective 10.01.2006

The State of Georgia Accounting Office has made changes to the Statewide Travel Regulations which became effective October 1, 2006. The University's policy and procedure are driven by these regulations and have been updated to include these changes. The complete travel policy and procedure can be found at:

A summary of key changes that interest the College of Agricultural & Environmental
Sciences employees is listed below:

  1. The University no longer has a daily per diem of $135 for meals and lodging.
    Instead, instate per diem for meals is $28 ($6 for breakfast, $7 for lunch, and
    $15 for dinner). For high-cost areas the meal per diem is $36 ($7 for
    breakfast, $9 for lunch and $20 for dinner). Per diem limits for meals are
    based on the length of day during which the employee is on official travel status.
    The per diem for lodging follows the federal per diem rates which are divided
    into rates for the continental U.S. and rates for foreign travel.
    • Continental United Sates Per Diem

      A map of the U.S. will appear. Click on destination state; for example,
      Alabama. Find your destination city - Birmingham. Your lodging per diem is $80 and meals $41 ($44 – $3). Deduct $3 from the per diem for meals (state does not pay incidentals). For instate travel use the federal per diem as a guide for reasonableness. Choose Georgia and pick your city – Augusta. The lodging per diem is $72 and meals will be $28 in state per diem. If your city is not listed, use the CONUS rate which is a per diem of $60, which includes taxes for lodging, $28 per day for meals for instate travel and $36 for meals for out-of-state travel. Try to get the government rate where possible.

      The breakdown for meals for out-of-state travel may be found at the following website:

    • Foreign Per Diem
      Scroll down to the bottom of the Web page. Reduce the per diem for meals by $3 (the state does not pay for incidentals). The foreign per diem changes frequently, please check rate for each trip.

  2. Actual meals and lodging costs in excess of 25% of the federal per diem must
    be explained in a memo to the Dean for approval. The overage is calculated
    separately for the meals and lodging. Forward travel reimbursement requests
    and justification to:
    CAES Business Office
    Attention: Ailie Byers
    203 Conner Hall
  3. State employees are exempt from county or municipal excise tax. The hotel
    will require a hotel/motel tax exempt form when registering. Proper state ID
    will be required. The exemption does not apply to employees traveling out of
    state. If county or municipal excise tax is charged resolve the issue with hotel
    management before checking out. To be reimbursed for taxes paid a letter of
    justification will be required. Justification must include: employee name and
    address, hotel name, and manager's name.
  4. Augusta, Georgia (Richmond County) is no longer a high cost area.
  5. To be eligibile for lodging reimbursement, the location must be more than 50 miles from
    residence/headquarters. Previously the required distance was 30 miles.
  6. Mileage reimbursement:
    • If leaving from headquarters, compute mileage from headquarters to
    • If leaving from residence, calculate from residence to destination,
      deduct one-way commuting mileage to headquarters
    • If returning to headquarters compute mileage from destination to
    • If returning to residence, calculate mileage with a deduction of one
      way commute home from headquarters
    • The initial point of departure on weekends or holidays, compute
      mileage from residence to destination
  7. Use state vehicle whenever possible, unless it is determined that a personal
    motor vehicle is the most advantageous to the state
  8. Prior approval for car rental is no longer required. Justification and
    approval (by Department Head) should be on file in department.
  9. Visa/passport fees can be reimbursed through a travel expense statement if
    required for travel and employee does not currently possess a visa/passport.
    As of October 1, 2006 the Travel Expense Statement has been updated. You can find the new form at: