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University-Related Travel Procedures

Please review the new procedures regarding reimbursement for University-related travel. Within these procedures are links to the new Request for Authority to Travel form (TA) and the Travel Expense Statement form which can be prepared online, printed, signed and submitted to the Department Head for approval. Effective immediately, please use these forms. Do not submit handwritten forms for processing.  These will be returned to the originator to be properly completed.

Overview of Procedure

The following information is provided to assist UGA employees and department administrators in processing requests for reimbursement of expenses incurred while traveling on official University business.

Procedure steps

  1. Employees should have authorization to travel prior to incurring any expenses.
    • For in-state travel, each department is responsible for maintaining the approval record of employees authorized to travel.
    • For travel to points outside the state, employee must submit an approved Request for Authority to Travel on Official University Business (TA) to Accounts Payable, Travel and Encumbrance section.
  2. The Request for Authority to Travel on Official University Business form (TA) can be prepared online and printed out. When printing the form select the number of copies you would like. After the form prints, the system will clear the information, including the number and a new number will be available.
  3. The Accounts Payable office will approve the Travel Authority and encumber the travel. If there is a problem that prevents Accounts Payable from approving the TA, an Accounts Payable representative will call the department.
  4. The initiating department is responsible for verifying that the Travel Authority has been encumbered by reviewing their account status report. (Note: No copy of the approved TA will be returned to the department.)
  5. The department should maintain a record of the TA number and use that number when submitting a request for reimbursement against that Travel Authority encumbrance.
  6. Approved travel agencies can direct bill airfare against an approved Travel Authority.
  7. The employee should process a Travel Expense Statement within 60 days of their trip.
    • Original receipts must be submitted for lodging and commercial transportation expenses. Receipts should be detailed vendor receipts rather than general charge card transaction slips.
    • Foreign expenses must be submitted in U.S. dollars using the exchange rate in effect during the dates of travel.
  8. The following list includes examples of expenses that cannot be reimbursed on employee travel expense statements (this list is intended to be illustrative not all-inclusive):
    • Items that require a receipt and no receipt showing payment is provided
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Spouse or family member's travel costs
    • Personal telephone calls, personal internet charges, personal fax charges
    • Personal items and services, e.g. toiletries, luggage, clothes, haircuts, etc.
    • Laundry, cleaning, pressing costs
    • Expenses for non-business related activities, such as sightseeing tours
    • Traffic citations, parking tickets and other fines
    • Pay-for-view movies in hotel/motel room
    • Personal entertainment
    • Extra costs for additional person(s) in room
    • Extra baggage charges for personal items, such as golf clubs, skis, etc.
    • Airline, car, hotel, corporate card club membership dues
    • Childcare costs
    • Kennel fees
    • Insurance - Insurance is not reimbursable, including flight insurance
    • Services - Payments to other individuals must be paid by other mechanisms because they may be tax reportable to the individual. Services should not be paid by our employees and claimed for reimbursement.

Mileage Reimbursement

Traveler should provide travel dates. Traveler should provide odometer readings and license plate identification. Traveler should calculate the mileage using the appropriate rate on the travel expense form. (Note: Reimbursement at $.445 can only be claimed when a personal vehicle is the most cost-advantageous form of travel.)