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Travel Authority Request Procedures

  • Travel requests are submitted to the Senior Accountant.
  • The Senior Accountant obtains the appropriate signature(s).
  • The Senior Accountant forwards the travel authority request to the Administrative Associate for review.
  • Once reviewed the Administrative Associate will process if all requirements have been met or return the form to the requester with information on what still must be done for the request to be approved.
  • If the account number is a state account the request is forwarded to travel and encumbrances in the accounts payable dept. Travel and encumbrances reviews the request based on their departmental policy. If the request requires additional paperwork the request will reroute back to the department for more information.
  • If the account number is a grant account the request is first sent to contracts and grants then forwarded from there to travel and encumbrances. Contracts and grants may hold the request until they ensure that the grant allows for the item on the check request. They will e-mail any questions that they have or reroute the request with notes on what is needed for approval.
  • Once the approval path is complete, the travel encumbrance will show up on the Arrow Report. The travel and encumbrance department does not send an approval notification. The Administrative Associate will check weekly the status of recently submitted travel encumbrances and note the date approved on the department copy.

Please note: no-cost-to-the-university travel authorities are not posted on Arrow Reports by travel and encumbrance but are required to compare against check requests for travel reimbursements. The department also keeps a copy for reference.