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Third Year Review

Last Updated: 1 November 2009

ALL promotion track faculty in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences are required to undergo a review in their Third Year of employment in the department. The actual university promotion guidelines between tenure track, public service and research scientists vary slightly, however unit review of faculty will be the same for all promotion track faculty.


  1. 1. October/November - Faculty to be reviewed are identified and notified.
  2. DH will work with reviewee to prepare a list of potential committee members.
  3. Committee members are contacted and charged. A chairman is designated.
  4. Memos are sent to reviewee and committee detailing timeline, required documentation, etc.
  5. Spring Faculty Meeting, Committee Chair presents results of review; eligible faculty vote on whether or not faculty member is making adequate progress toward promotion.
  6. Results are reported to CAES Dean.

Documents Required for Review:

  • Current Vita
  • Achievements - This document will describe and document reviewee’s achievements in teaching, achievements in research, scholarship, and other creative activities, and achievements in service to society, the university and the profession.
  • Peer review of teaching where applicable
  • Student reviews where applicable