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Telephone Support

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Departmental Telephone Support
Revised July 1, 2009

The department will provide telephone services using the following policy:

  1. Each faculty member will be provided one land-based phone for his/her program. Payment for additional lines will be the faculty member’s responsibility
  2. Land-based phones will be provided for the department administrative offices at the Athens, Tifton and Griffin campuses.
  3. Land-based phones will be maintained in additional locations if it is determined that safety and/or security justifies the need.
  4. One departmental fax line will be provided for each campus.
  5. ALL requests for new land-based phones must be approved by the Department Head. To submit a request, e-mail and include:
    1. Name of Responsible Party;
    2. Location of phone;
    3. Type of service requested (e.g., voice mail, etc.)
    4. Account to be charged; and
    5. Detailed justification