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Purchase Request Procedures

  • Fill out the Expenditure Request form (also found on the Forms page of this section). This form gives the accounting department all the information it needs to process the request. If your request comes with a quote or Excel spreadsheet please attach the spreadsheet to the expenditure forms.
  • The requested forms are submitted to the Senior Accountant to determine if a sole source form will be needed or if the items can be purchase within the UGA system by the requestor.
  • The Senior Accountant forwards the appropriate purchase requests to the Administrative Associate.
  • Once reviewed the Administrative Associate will process, faxing any quotes or sole sources to the procurement department.
  • The procurement office reviews the purchase request based on their departmental policy. If the procurement buyer requires additional paperwork they e-mail the accounting department for more information before approving. In some cases the procurement department may request more information after approval.
  • If the account number is a grant account the request is first sent to contracts and grants then forwarded from there to procurement. Contracts and grants may hold the request until they ensure that the grant allows for the item on the purchase request. They will e-mail any questions that they have or reroute the request with notes on what is needed for approval.
  • Once the approval path is complete, the procurement buyer will send the request out to the vendor for purchase. They usually deliver the item within 30 days unless the item is out of stock or is on backorder.
  • The procurement office services the whole University and may not always contact the department right away. Therefore, the Administrative Associate checks the status of the recently submitted and pending requests each week.
  • If a request stays pending for more than a week, the Administrative Associate will contact the procurement buyer via e-mail, with a copy sent to the Senior Accountant, asking what is needed to change the status of the purchase from "pending" or "buyer approval" to "purchase order approved for distribution." A reply can take anywhere from a day to a week depending on who the buyer for the item is in the procurement department.