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Public Service Faculty Guidelines

Procedure for promotion consideration for Public Service faculty in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department

March 2011

This procedure was presented to the faculty at the Spring meeting, discussed and a vote was conducted–the faculty unanimously support the following procedure.

The Probationary period for Public Service faculty is 4 years. All Public Service faculty will be eligible for promotion after a 4 year probationary period. Promotion is not required to remain in the position.

The following will be the procedure will be used by the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences for all Public Service faculty requesting to be considered for promotion.

During the 3rd year of employment, all Public Service faculty home based in Crop and Soil Science will be informally evaluated using the same basic procedure used for tenure-track faculty. This is not a university requirement. A Public Service promotion committee will be formed by the Department Head. This committee will review the candidates promotional material. The chair of the committee will present the candidates “highlights” to the faculty at the Spring meeting. The candidate will also make a presentation to the faculty. These presentations will be followed by an open discussion and a vote. The vote will be declared to the faculty and recorded. A committee report will then be submitted to the Department Head.

In the 4th year the formal preliminary consideration will occur. For departments with less than a critical number of public service faculty (less then 5) the college will form a promotional committee in lieu of a departmental committee. The department will recommend the appointment of a “representative” to this committee. The representative will be the chair of the 3rd year departmental promotional committee.

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