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2013 Faculty Meetings


  • Agenda (.ppt)
  • P&T
  • Promotion
  • Third-year review
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Reports for Areas of Excellence: Program Position Priorities (.pdf)
  • Minutes/Votes
    • A vote was held to establish a process for appointing adjunct faculty associated with AG*IDEA. All faculty requesting adjunct appointment to support AG*IDEA will have a letter of support, will not be required to present a seminar, and academic information such as CV will be available on data management system. There was a consensus and unanimous vote.
    • A vote was taken to combine Agriscience & Environmental Systems and Environment Resource Science into one major. Several names were proposed (Agriculture & Environmental Sciences, Crop & Soil Sciences, Sustainable Systems, Environmental Crop & Soil Sciences). Three areas of emphasis were also proposed: Tifton - Production Systems, Griffin - Resource Management, and Athens - Sustainable Production Agriculture. There was a consensus and unanimous vote for Environmental Crop & Soil Sciences.