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PI's Instructions for Submitting HATCH Projects

New Projects

All faculty with a 25% or higher research appointment must have an active Hatch project. Faculty cannot be without an active Hatch project for more than 6 months. New faculty should submit a project outline no later than the end of their sixth month. Current faculty should submit a project outline at least three months prior to the expiration of their current project.

Active Projects

While active, all Hatch projects require the submission of an annual report which is due each January. A final report must be submitted at the conclusion of each project. An active project can be extended once for up to one year. This request must be submitted to the Department Head, in writing, at least one month before the expiration date of the project. CAES policies can be found at

Procedures for submission of new project:

  1. Prepare and submit project outline to Department Head. Department Head will send project out for review.
  2. Upon receipt of reviewers' comments, make revisions and submit the project as outlined below:
    • Go to (for investigators)
      Password: tiger
    • Complete forms 416, 417, 2008 – Save Only – DO NOT SUBMIT
      To obtain a project number contact:
      Athens Campus - Liz McCaleb (542-9005)
      Griffin Campus - Chris Ambles (228-7306)
      Tifton Campus - Rhonda Evans (386-3335)
    • As you save each document, you will get a confirmation page. Print one out for each of the above forms (AD-416, AD-417, 2008). Sign at the bottom of form AD-416.
    • Complete and sign the budget page
    • Complete the biohazard form located on the ESD website.
    • Send the original confirmation pages, budget, and biohazard form along with hard and disk copies of project outline to Department Head
    • Department Head will submit to CAES for final approval