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Field Trip Procedures and Forms

Class Field Trip Procedures

According to UGA Policies (see memo below), a waiver form may be signed when students are:

  1. Visiting a non-UGA facility
  2. Visiting a UGA facility >25 miles from where the class regularly meets (from Athens, Griffin, or Tifton)
  3. If there is a chance of risk to the student during the visit
  4. If visiting a UGA facility that is not routinely used for teaching, regardless of distance

A waiver form may not be necessary if:

  1. The class regularly meets at the designated location during the semester (e.g., the greenhouses on Riverbend Road every week)
  2. The student is expected to provide own transportation to the designated location

University Policy

The University requires that all off-campus field trips be approved by the Department Head and Dean. It is advisable to secure this approval prior to scheduling a field trip and before the drafting of a waiver. Waivers of liability for voluntary field trips are generally upheld by courts in the State of Georgia. Key elements involved with waivers include that the participant enters into the waiver voluntarily and that the participant is well aware of the activities and possible risks involved in the field trip. Therefore, each waiver, although similar in content, must be specifically customized to fit the specific facts of each field trip. All participants in voluntary field trips in which the University provides transportation should be required to sign a waiver of liability as a condition of participation. In other situations which may involve potential dangers or when the University provides items such as meals, housing, equipment, etc., the instructor should consult with the Office of Legal Affairs about the advisability of using waiver forms. The Office of Legal Affairs drafts the waiver once the instructor provides the necessary information.