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Contract/Service Order Policies & Procedures

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
University of Georgia

Effective March 25, 2015

Effective immediately and university-wide, the process for routing and approval of testing agreements/contracts will change such that they will no longer be considered Sales & Services activities. Instead, the documents (typically a Service Order form with protocol) will need to be routed like a normal research proposal through the eResearch Portal. Following execution of the agreement between the Office of Sponsored Programs(OSP) and the sponsor, UGA Contracts & Grants will bill the sponsor, and the funds will be deposited into a standard restricted account, just like with a grant proposal. Carryover of funds will be possible via residual balance accounts.

  1. Investigator functions:
    • Upon receipt of Service/Task Order (SO/TO) from sponsor, sign and forward to Pamela Brown, for DH signature. Proposal will be returned for processing.
    • Initiate proposal in the eResearch Portal []; at the time of upload, SO/TO should have been signed by PI and department head.
      • Complete the transmittal data in the Portal.
      • Upload the SO/TO in the Portal as a proposal document along with the protocol if applicable.
      • Proposal SO/TO approvals will be handled in the Portal in the same manner as any other proposal. The PI, department head and CAES designee will certify electronically. CAES signature on the SO/TO (award document) will be obtained at this time.
      • Budget – Specify budget or indicate all direct costs fund go in to operating and the remaining go into IDC.
  2. CAES Business Office functions:
    • CAES Business will review proposal, approve, and route to OSP through the Portal.
  3. OSP functions:
    • OSP grants administrator will review SO/TO, sign and return to sponsor for fully executed copy. Once a fully executed copy of the SO/TO is returned from sponsor, the SO/TO is now considered an award document and OSP grants administrator will process the award, informing PI and departmental accountant.
  4. Contract and Grants functions:
    • Invoicing – Invoicing information will be stated in either the Master Agreement or the Service/Task Order. Invoicing will be done by Contracts & Grants.
    • All Residual funds remain at UGA.
  5. Accounts:
    • An account will be set up for each SO/TO .
    • Funds can be carried over through residual balance accounts.  Georgi will set these up.
    • Effective July 1, 2015, 26% indirect cost will be charged on all testing agreements. Rates for current agreements will remain the same. Once an agreement has expired, or is renegotiated, the new rate will apply
    • Current contracted funding in faculty sales and service accounts can be carried forward or deferred for FY15 depending on income receipt status at year end.
    • FY’16 and forward all income in these sales and service accounts will be carried into the next year via the carry forward process.
    • Future contract funding will be assigned an account number by OSP.  Once the contract performance dates have passed a residual balance account will be set up.
    • Residual balance accounts are rolled over each year by C & G and accounting. Therefore there will not be a need to carry the funds forward.
    • The area accountant will do the day to day activities on the accounts but Georgi will perform budget oversight for all locations.

New Master Agreement negotiations should be sent to Harald Sherm,