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Cell Phone Use Policy

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Cell Phone Policy
Effective January 1, 2009


The University of Georgia has implemented a telecommunications policy to comply with OPB Policy Memorandum No. 4. The complete policy can be found at The following guidelines will be used by Crop and Soil Sciences to ensure compliance with State and University polices.

Purchasing/upgrading Phones and/or Plans

ALL requests for new services or changes in either current service or phones MUST go through the WCD system for approval. NO changes can be made without a WCD authorization number. Without this number the University is under no obligation to pay for your service.

1. Complete and submit the telephone request form to Pam Brown at

2. When authorized, the number will be forwarded to the person requesting service and the respective accountant. At this time, the accountant is authorized to place a purchase order for the requested service. Clear justification for the request must be included. The purchase of a Blackberry now requires Provost approval and usually takes longer to process.

NOTE: Upgrades to phones and/or plans CANNOT be added to the current bill or paid for by P-Card.

Use and Management

University policy states that

University approved WCD/cellular telephones are PRIMARILY for official business use. While incidental personal use is reasonable in order to prevent the employee from carrying two devices, this use should not result in additional charges to the University. If a situation arises that requires extensive or extended use of the WCD/cellular telephone for personal calls, the staff member is to notify their Vice President, Dean, or Associate Provost and reimburse the University for those calls that create additional charges. Reimbursement under such circumstances will be submitted to the departmental Telephone Services Representative along with a copy of the phone bill indicating the additional cost due to such circumstances. Such reimbursement should be deposited in the Bursar’s Office with an appropriate deposit transmittal form. A copy of this documentation should remain in the user department’s files.

It is the department’s responsibility to provide the requisite oversight to ensure compliance by individual cell phone users.

  1. Each month the accountant will provide to each employee a copy of his/her cell bill.
  2. Employee is to review the bill, highlight all personal calls and sign stating that the highlighted calls are the personal calls on the bill, and return the bill to the accountant.
  3. The accountant will keep the bill on file.
  4. Every three months, selected telephone bills will be requested by the departmental Sr. Accountant and Telephone Services Rep. for auditing. If it is determined that excessive personal calls are being made from a phone, the owner will be asked to reimburse the University for such calls. A rule of thumb will be personal calls in excess of about 20%.

These procedures are being implemented for the purposes of making sure that the department is in compliance with university policies and provide documentation should there be an audit.