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Arrow Reports Procedures

  • Arrow reports will be distributed to faculty members by the second Monday of each month.
  • The professor will review their accounts for accuracy.
  • Return any report with written directions on what needs to be changed to make the report correct.
  • The Senior Accountant will process the request and forward the appropriate paperwork to the accounting department to make the change.
  • Changes should show up on the next month's report depending on the date submitted.
  • Please note that in June of each year status reports will be given out but no request can be processed by the department for state accounts, as the other accounting departments will not accept the request due to their financial reporting year-end deadlines.
  • Grants are subject to their contract end date only. Changes can be processed at any time for grant accounts.

Please note that year-end approaches very quickly, and all three campuses' accounts have to be closed by the Senior Accountant. Requests for Arrow Report changes have to be received by June 1st of each fiscal year in order for all necessary approvals to be made in time.