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CRIS AD-421 Instructions:
Progress/Termination Report and Publications

Use the World Wide Web to do this report!!

For assistance, please contact:
Liz Mc Caleb — 706/542-9005
Len Wildes — 706/542-0826, (fax) 706/542-2378
You will be entering this data from the CRIS Forms Assistance Web pages. To access these pages, use your Web browser. Netscape 2.02 or higher and MS Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher have been tested successfully.


  1. Display the CRIS Forms Assistance homepage
  2. Accomplishments Report, select AD-421
  3. Select GA on the US Map
  4. Select: GEO - University of Georgia, Agricultural Exper Stations Enter "tiger" as the password and then Proceed
  5. Enter your name and then Enter/Edit Information to display the list of projects that require reports from you as the principal investigator
  6. Select one project from the list and Proceed
    If your project does not show up on this list, please contact Liz McCaleb (706/542-9005) or Len Wildes (706/542-0826)
    Enter the following information:
    1. Choose the appropriate report, either:
      • Progress: If the termination date has not passed and the project was active during the current reporting year
      • Final Report : Only if the termination date has passed and the project will not be extended beyond this listed date
    2. Progress/Final Report narrative:
      The progress report narrative should list findings and accomplishments with brief comments as to why the results are significant scientifically or practically. If it is too soon to report accomplishments, characterize the status or stage of the work.
      The final report narrative is a brief summary of accomplishments for the entire life of the project.
    3. Outputs: Report outputs completed during the reporting period that contribute to the goals and objectives of the project (do not include publications here, they are to be reported separately in the block below). Do not include findings or conclusions that have been reached; these are to be reported separately as changes in knowledge in the outcomes section. Include a description of how the results have been disseminated to communities of interest or how the product is being shared. If this is a final report, give a brief summary of the most significant outputs and dissemination activities for the entire life of the project. This narrative is required for all projects. Only keyboard characters are allowed. Do not use degree symbols, math symbols, Greek letters, italics, boldface, super- or sub-scripts, or underlines (substiture suitable words or alternate characters). Limit to 3200 characters and spaces.
    4. Outcomes/ Impact: Describe how findings, results, techniques, or other products that were developed or extended from the project generated or contributed to an outcome/impact. Describe the results of the project evaluation. Indicate how resources and activities helped to produce outputs and achieve project outcomes and impacts.
    5. Publications:
      Publications that relate to your CRIS projects should be included. List significant publications issued during the reporting period. On a final report, only include publications not previously submitted on a progress report. If there are no publications to report for the period, leave this field blank if there are none to report for this period. Citations are not limited in length or number, but Must be separated by a blank line and must include the year of publication. Do not number the publications. Do not enter anything other than publications in this field. Only keyboard characters are allowed.
      Wu, J., Ullrich, R.C. and Novotny, C.P. 1996. Regions in the Z5 mating gene of Schizophyllum commune involved in Y-Z binding and recognition. Mol. Gen. Genet. 252:739-745.
      When all information is entered, select Check and save and note any errors. View the displayed information carefully. Corrections or additional edits can be made by using the BACK button on your browser toolbar. After each edit, Check and Save again.
      When the information is correct and complete, you will have a link to screen 2 where you will complete:
    6. Participants and Collaborators
    7. Target Audiences
    8. Project Modifications

When you are completely finished with the report and do not need to edit it further, select the Report Complete button. Once you select this button, you will not be able to edit the report again, and this version will be submitted to CRIS by the AG Business Office. You MUST "press" this button to indicate when the report is complete.

Your report cannot be submitted to CRIS until you mark it complete.

If you have more than one project, use the " Return to Select Project" button in order to select another project and follow the same steps as outlined previously.

Submit a report for ALL projects that are listed for you.