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Extension County Operations: Organizational Structure

Cooperative Extension Listserv Descriptions

The following email listserv lists are the official method of internal communication for Cooperative Extension. Please select the ONE list that targets your audience. Do not combine lists. Any Cooperative Extension employee who is a member of a list may send email to any of these lists. Please be extremely careful before sending to ensure the correct content is being sent to the correct list.

All state lists include the appropriate state administrators. All district lists include the appropriate district administrators.

To send to a list enter the list name followed by

For more information, read the Cooperative Extension Listserv FAQs.

All Extension State and County List

EXTALL (chart) - All Extension County/District/State Faculty/Staff and Co UGE Addresses

Use this list for official business only. Use this list for significant information of interest to all program areas at the state and county level.

Limited service interruptions (phone, fax, email) of a single office or person should be communicated at the district or departmental level instead of EXTALL.

EXTANNOUNCE (chart) - same as EXTALL plus EXTRETIRED, used for announcements only

Use this list to distribute non-business information of interest to all Extension employees.

Please note that personal information concerning a death or sickness of an employee's family should only be shared with the employee's permission and should be limited to immediate family (father, mother, child, spouse). Please do not use this list to advertise personal for sale items.

EXTANR (chart) - All County/District/State ANR Faculty/Staff and Co UGE Addresses

Use this list for all statewide ANR programmatic information.

EXT4H (chart) - All County/District/State 4-H Faculty/Staff and Co UGE Addresses

Use this list for all statewide 4-H programmatic information.

EXTFACS (chart) - All County/District/State FACS Faculty/Staff and Co UGE Addresses

Use this list for all statewide FACS programmatic information.

EXTRETIRED (chart) - All Retired Extension County/District Faculty and Staff only

Retired faculty/staff are only included on the EXTRETIRED and EXTANNOUNCE lists.


All County/District List

EXTCOALL (chart) - All Extension County/District Faculty and Staff and Co UGE addresses

This list should be used when the intended audience is ONLY the county offices. This is a good list for programmatic registration announcements such as livestock shows that have statewide interest. No state specialists are on this list so you should cc as appropriate.

EXTCOAGT (chart) - All County/District Faculty and Co UGE addresses

This list is NOT commonly used. Use this list for faculty only information such as public service promotion details or information concerning faculty council voting. Note that faculty members housed in departments are not on this list.

EXTCOSTF (chart) - All County / District Staff and Co UGE addresses

This list is NOT commonly used. This list is for county and district staff information.

EXTCEC (chart) - All CECs and District addresses only

Use this list for administrate purposes only to communication with all county extensions coordinators in the state. Note that Co UGE addresses are not included on this list.


State Extension Faculty/Staff List (Departments, Units and Centers)

Use the following lists for all state level faculty members with an Extension appointment and all associated staff members.

STEXTALL (chart) -All State Extension ANR, 4-H, and FACS Faculty/Staff

STEXTSPEC (chart) - All State Extension ANR, 4-H, and FACS Faculty

STEXTANR (chart) - All State Extension ANR Faculty/Staff

STANRDC (chart) - All State ANR Departmental Coordinators

STEXT4H (chart) - All State Extension 4-H Faculty/Staff

STEXTFACS (chart) - All State Extension FACS Faculty/Staff


Single District List

Use the following list for all district and county faculty/staff within a single district. You can combine these lists across district line (for example: NWANR and NEANR) without creating duplicate emails. But please try to avoid combining lists within the same district as this will cause some people to receive duplicate emails.

NEALL (chart) - All NE* District/County Faculty/Staff and UGE addresses

NEAGT (chart) - NE District/County Faculty and UGE addresses

NECEC (chart) - NE CEC and District addresses

NEANR (chart) - NE ANR Faculty/Staff and UGE addresses

NE4H (chart) - NE 4-H Faculty/Staff and UGE addresses

NEFACS (chart) - NE FACS Faculty/Staff and UGE addresses

*Change NE to SW, SE or NW as appropriate for other districts


Cooperative Extension Listserv FAQs

Can I send to more than one list?
To eliminate the duplication of email to a single user, always use the highest level listserv that targets your audience. Do not send to multiple lists if at all possible.

One possible scenario for sending to multiple lists could be a state specialist sending information of interest to both 4-H and FACS agents and not ANR agents. Sending to the EXT4H and the EXTFACS list would be appropriate over EXTALL, but might create duplicates if a person is on both lists.

Does the CEC get copies of all mail directed to the county?
The CEC does not get copies of all email automatically. The county office (uge address) is included on all program area lists. This allows CECs more flexibility to manage their email. The following is an example for an ANR CEC wanting to receive 4-H mail.

An ANR CEC has four options for receiving 4-H email:

  1. Ask the County Secretary to forward all 4-H Listserv email to the CEC.
  2. Ask the County Secretary to only forward critical 4-H Listserv email to the CEC.
  3. Set up an "Outlook Rule" on the local County Secretary's computer to automatically forward a copy of all 4-H Listserv email to the CEC. (This is just as effective as being on the actual listserv).
  4. Ask the Secretary to print a copy and put in a 4-H reading folder for the CEC.

Do ANR and FACS agents get 4-H mail?
ANR and FACS agents do not get 4-H mail. Program area mail is only sent to agents assigned to that program area. If you would like to receive mail from an additional program area you may set up an "Outlook Rule" on the local County Secretary's computer to automatically forward a copy of all 4-H Listserv email to you. This is just as effective as being on the actual listserv.

How does having unique list help me to manage my inbox?
The complexity of this system will offer the user more control over the management of the large amounts of incoming email we receive. The user automatically can assign email to a category, direct email into specialized inbox folders, or even give you an alert when you receive mail from a specific list. OIT will be offering trainings on email management in Outlook using filters, rules, folders and categories.

Can someone outside of Cooperative Extension send to one of these lists?
No, you must be a member of at least one list to send to any of the other lists.

What are foundation list? Can I send email to them?
Foundation lists are very specific sub lists that are intended for structure and not email distribution. The NW District 4-H program assistant list (NW4HCEPA) is an example of a foundation list. This is the actual list where your information is stored. You would have little need to send to such a restricted list as a foundation list; these lists are the building blocks for lists you are to use. You cannot send to a foundation list without the approval of the list manager. See Foundation Lists for more information.

Where do I communicate a county phone/email/fax outage or a temporary office closure?
You should communicate directly with your district office who will then communicate with the appropriate administrative offices in Athens. If the outage is significant an email should be sent to the district list and not EXTALL.


Revised December 8, 2009