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Outstanding Extension Program Contest:
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Nominate a Program!

Cooperative Extension programs provide a valuable service to the people of Georgia, teaching them about issues and topics that affect their families, farms, and lives.

Extension administration wishes to recognize successful programs that provide timely, relevant information in an appealing manner through Cooperative Extension offices, units and/or departments.


Nominations should be submitted by the 10th of any month to be considered for the next selection. Nominations will be peer reviewed. Specifically, the programs must:

  • Adhere to UGA and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences standards
  • Promote and relate to the UGA Cooperative Extension mission
  • Be of statewide interest
  • Be appropriate for the local audience
  • Be innovative

Awards and Recognition

Each month's winner will:

Nomination Form

NOTE: Limit description of program to 2 paragraphs at most, and all other responses to 3 or 4 sentences.

  • List collaborator(s), if applicable.