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Extension County Operations

Program Development

The Office of Learning & Organizational Development works corroboratively with the PDCs and Program Development Team to assist County Extension Agents in development of a local programming plan. Proper planning consist of conducting a local needs assessment, defining your target audience, understanding inputs, outputs, outcomes, and evaluating for impact.

2017 Program Planning Week

The UGA Extension Program Planning Week is September 18-21, 2017


Zoom Link to Opening Session

2017 Departmental/Unit Reports

2017 Schedule for 2018 Planning Year

2018 Schedule for 2019 Planning Year

2018 Extension Winter Conference

Extension Winter Conference will be held January 23-25th at Rock Eagle

Program Development Team

Agriculture & Natural Resources

4-H & Youth

Family & Consumer Sciences

Office of Learning & Organizational Development

2017 Extension Leadership Team / PDC Quarterly Meeting Schedule


Program Development Resources


Impact Statement Resources


Extension Leadership System (ELS)

  • What is ELS? (PDF) This one-page document explains ELS, philosophy & purpose, and basic function.
  • Glossary of terms (PDF) - This list will guide you in understanding the multiple acronyms used in reference to ELS and Cooperative Extension.
  • PDT Success Stories
  • County Program Development Team Tips - A constantly updated archive of recommendations for achieving successful ELS implementation.

ELS Power Points

ELS Handouts and Worksheets